Aoun calls on the international community to stand by Lebanon

Aoun calls on the international community to stand by Lebanon
Aoun calls on the international community to stand by Lebanon

President of the Lebanese Republic, Michel Aoun, stressed that “the Lebanese government was formed according to the constitutional mechanism after a prolonged political crisis, and it was committed to implementing the urgent and required financial and economic reforms, and fighting corruption,” noting that “the beginning was with the entry of the criminal financial audit, which I committed to the Lebanese people and society.” It will be implemented in accordance with the principles of transparency and accountability, in the accounts of the Banque du Liban, and it will apply to all public accounts.” It will also help us recover smuggled funds from corruption crimes.”

The President of the Republic touched on the issue of the displaced Syrians and the burdens it places on Lebanon, and reiterated the appeal to the international community for help, “but it must first of all work for the safe return of the displaced to their country. Lebanon confirms its position rejecting any form of integration of the displaced, and renews its position rejecting any form of Forms of settling for Palestinian refugees.” The President of the Republic condemned any attempt to attack the borders of Lebanon’s exclusive economic zone and adhere to its right to the oil and gas wealth in its interior. He added, “Lebanon demands the resumption of indirect negotiations to demarcate the southern water borders in accordance with international laws, and stresses that it will not retreat from them and will not accept any compromise.”

And he added: “The role of the international community is to stand by him.” An international effort to rehabilitate and develop the port. He stressed that “the assistance that Beirut also wants is in what the investigation may require to find out the truth in order to enforce justice,” and reiterated the request that “countries that have information and data that help the investigation to provide the Lebanese judiciary with it when necessary.”

President Aoun pointed out that “the crises of the past two years in Lebanon and the world have led to delaying the completion of the procedures related to the establishment of the (Academy of Man for Encounter and Dialogue), but the course of events and the intensification of conflicts in the ocean reaffirm the importance of this initiative, calling on all friendly and brotherly countries to join those that have expressed Expressing its desire to sign an agreement to establish the academy.
The President of the Republic considered that what New York was subjected to 20 years ago of the largest terrorist operation, also had huge repercussions on the world level, and a war on terrorism that sometimes hit and disappointed others, and “several peoples, especially in our region, paid high prices for that war, death, destruction and displacement, Today, it is healing the wounds and trying to rise as New York rose before, because the will to life remains stronger than any terrorism.” Through video technology, he touched on the reality in Lebanon and the challenges it faces.

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