Egypt’s pavilion at Expo Dubai receives thousands of visitors during the trial operation

Egypt’s pavilion at Expo Dubai receives thousands of visitors during the trial operation
Egypt’s pavilion at Expo Dubai receives thousands of visitors during the trial operation

During the trial run of Expo 2020 Dubai, Egypt’s pavilion has received more than 10,000 visitors since last Thursday.

The Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry announced that the pavilion participating in Expo 2020 Dubai received more than 10,000 visitors, as part of the trial opening activities conducted by the exhibition management in the Emirates, in preparation for the official opening scheduled for next Thursday with the participation of 192 countries.

The statement issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Egypt is participating in this international forum, which will last for 6 months, with a distinguished pavilion that reflects its weight and prestige at the regional and global levels. Available to investors in all sectors.

The most important event in the world will start from the beginning of next October until the end of March 2022.

The Expo will bring together more than 200 participating entities, including 192 countries, as well as multinational companies, institutions and educational bodies, to deal with the challenges facing the world, and invite millions of visitors from around the world to participate in creating a new world during six months of celebrating creativity, innovation, progress and culture.

Since last Thursday, the Expo 2020 Dubai site has received thousands of families and friends of its team, as well as guests who were invited by special invitations from the participants and the parties participating in the event. countries, the most popular subjects, and touring between the various facilities and destinations.

This step comes as a trial run of the site and test the readiness of its facilities and crowd control several days before it opens its doors to the world on October 1.

Visitors, especially children and families, enjoyed what the Expo 2020 Dubai site is rich in, with impressive engineering features and advanced modern facilities.

The world’s eyes are on Dubai, which will organize on September 30 an opening ceremony for the event worthy of the UAE’s historic achievement in bringing the world together on its soil, and it is the culmination of the efforts of 10 years of planning and preparation to host the first World Expo, which is the most diverse ever in the history of the 170-year international event. years.

Al Wasl Square will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the event, in addition to musical and theatrical performances throughout the six months of Expo 2020 Dubai, and will host major ceremonies, celebrations, performances and parties. By employing the latest display and sound systems, dazzling images and videos will be broadcast on the dome through more than 200 projectors installed on it, and the total time of the shows will reach 76,620 minutes throughout the period of the international event to tell stories through entertainment and cultural stories, local and international, ranging from stories of the universe. , stories about resilience and adaptation, and others about nature, and many more.

The Expo site will be filled with a diverse program of entertainment shows, so that no two days will be the same over the course of 182 days.

Tickets for Expo 2020 Dubai are recording strong levels of demand at the local and international levels, which reflects the great momentum that the world’s greatest event is gaining, especially multi-entry tickets and season tickets.

The global event is witnessing overwhelming and continuous support from the UAE community and individuals from around the world, which reflects the visitors’ awareness of the great value and diversity of Expo 2020 Dubai.

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