Revenues of 500 thousand pounds .. What taxes will “YouTubers and .” pay?

Revenues of 500 thousand pounds .. What taxes will “YouTubers and .” pay?
Revenues of 500 thousand pounds .. What taxes will “YouTubers and .” pay?

10:40 AM

Saturday 25 September 2021

Cairo – Masrawy:

The Egyptian Tax Authority has demanded that content creators on YouTube and online platforms open a tax file, to collect taxes on their revenues if they exceed 500,000 pounds annually.

The authority said in a statement today, Saturday, that individuals who engage in content-making activity (bloggers – YouTubers) must go to the office within which the main headquarters of the activity is located (income) to open a tax file to register with the competent income tax mission, as well as register with the competent value-added mission when their revenues reach 500 thousand pounds within twelve months from the date of practicing the activity.

According to the statement, YouTubers and bloggers will pay two taxes, an income tax, and a value-added tax when annual revenues reach half a million pounds.

Reda Abdel Qader, head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, said that the Ministry of Finance is closely following the Tax Authority to make every effort it has to achieve tax justice by listing the tax community more accurately, especially transactions that take place through electronic platforms, and determining who does them, to include the non-existent economy. the official system of the official system, and to obtain the rights of the state’s public treasury.

He referred to the role played by the department’s e-commerce unit in listing, following up and registering companies that engage in trade activity through websites.


Revenues thousand pounds taxes YouTubers pay

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