An Iraqi confesses to killing his wife under torture..Al-Kazemi meets him

An Iraqi confesses to killing his wife under torture..Al-Kazemi meets him
An Iraqi confesses to killing his wife under torture..Al-Kazemi meets him

The crime of forcing an Iraqi citizen to confess to killing his wife under torture, when it was found that she was alive, shook Iraqi society.

On Friday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi met those involved in extracting investigations by coercion and torture from the “Babylonian citizen”, in the presence of the latter, while ordering that they be kept in detention pending a decision on their case.

The media office of the Iraqi Prime Minister stated in a statement that the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, received the innocent citizen Ali Al-Jubouri from Babil Governorate, who had previously faced a false accusation of killing his wife, who was found to be still alive.

Al-Kazemi listened to “the merits of the case of this citizen, who presented his grievances in the presence of the investigators who interrogated him, and extracted confessions from him under the pressure of torture.”

Al-Kazemi directed “to withdraw the hand of the elements who have tried to attack the rights of the citizen, investigate them and keep them in detention until the judicial authorities decide what they have committed.”

The Prime Minister also directed that the aggrieved citizen file a lawsuit demanding his rehabilitation and his rights, and that a new committee be formed to monitor the application of human rights standards, monitor the work of investigators, and take clear pledges that human rights principles must adhere to each person charged with conducting any investigation.

In his first appearance, following the incident of the innocent young accused Ali al-Jubouri, the main investigator in the case, Colonel Ahmed Hadi, tried to exonerate himself before Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi, during a “sharp” meeting that brought together the parties to the case that shook Iraq days ago.

After the young man “Ali” told what had happened to him, Al-Kazemi asked about the main investigator in the case, Colonel Ahmed Hadi, where Al-Kazemi reprimanded him for sitting and asked him to stand, saying in the colloquial dialect: “They are the eyes of you and Ka’ is enough.”

Al-Kazemi asked the investigator if he was from the fight against crime in the Ministry of Interior, and he replied, “Yes.”

The colonel seemed confused by talking about the details of the case, and the information he relied on to gather the parties to the supposed crime, as he said that the young “Ali” was the only one who confessed to this “non-existent” crime.

A video clip broadcast by the Prime Minister’s Office showed Hadi’s speech in front of Al-Kazemi, where he said: “The evidence was the presence of sources in the region who conveyed information that the wife of the young man, Ali, returned with him from the visit.”

Hadi added in his brief comment: “Mr. Judge confirmed the information, as the arrest warrant was issued against the young man.” Al-Kazemi replied that “the judge relies on the information you provide,” according to Nass newspaper.

Al-Kazemi directed Lieutenant-General Ahmed Abu Ragheef to open a full investigation with the responsible officer and to withdraw his hand from all the powers granted to him.

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