New information about the “crime” of the murder of young Tatiana!

“Lebanon Debyte”

According to information accompanying the investigation process into the murder of “betrayed” Tatiana Wakim in a restaurant in Batha, “the shooter (F.R) was never beaten in the restaurant’s parking lot, as there was no conflict in the mentioned situation that justified shooting in the air. “.

According to the information received so far from the investigation, he had “fired a bullet in the air at first and then returned and aimed his weapon directly into the restaurant where he was sitting before leaving, and the investigations are going on to find out whether the direct bullet that was fired down was aimed at one of the people sitting inside the restaurant, However, she accidentally hit the late Tatiana.”

The information indicates that “there is still no serious motive for the reported forms.”

On the night of Sunday 19-9-2021, a dispute occurred between a group of young men in the outer courtyard of a restaurant in the town of Batha Kesrouan, and one of those present fired his pistol in the air in terror. in her stomach, which led to her death instantly.

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