“Light corona” injury hits the brain.. a study reveals its impact

“Light corona” injury hits the brain.. a study reveals its impact
“Light corona” injury hits the brain.. a study reveals its impact

A new scientific study concluded that infection with “Covid-19” disease, which is caused by the Corona virus, has negative effects on the brain, even if the infection is mild.

The study, published by the scientific website “Life Science”, said that the data of more than 45,000 people registered in the British Biobank was reviewed, including brain imaging data, and a large proportion of this data dates back to the pre-pandemic period.

The researchers analyzed these images, as well as the images of those infected with the Corona virus, and asked them to conduct further brain tests.

Then, the researchers compared people with corona with those who did not have the virus, in terms of brain images, taking into account other factors such as age, gender, and others.

The researchers concluded that there are significant differences in the gray matter, which consists of the bodies of neurons that process information in the brain, between those with corona and those who did not have it.

They explained that the thickness of the gray matter tissues decreased in people with corona.

One of the exciting results in the study was that those with severe or even minor corona infection that did not require hospitalization, experienced the same symptom of a loss of thickness of gray matter tissue.

These changes usually occur with age and aging, as their abilities to perform intellectual tasks are affected less, but they occurred in an unprecedented manner in young people with corona.

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Light corona injury hits brain study reveals impact

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