They tried to run over policemen and hit a police car and private vehicles in an attempt to litter – Haifa

Police arrested 2 Kiryat Ata residents last night who allegedly tried to run over police officers and hit police vehicles and private vehicles during an attempt to litter the police officers.

During an initiated activity carried out tonight by the police of the Zevulun station, the police officers approached the driver of a private vehicle and asked to check on him.

Meanwhile, the driver of the vehicle started driving wildly while trying to hit the policemen who were standing in his way.

The policemen began chasing the vehicle, which during its journey hit police vehicles and private vehicles and caused them damage, no casualties were fired at the fleeing vehicle until it finally overturned on Histadrut Boulevard near the Zevulun police station. 19 years old.

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During a search of the vehicle, an Airsoft pistol was seized, which was transferred for further extraction of evidence in the forensic identification laboratories of the Israel Police.

As a result of the incident, 4 policemen were lightly injured and some of them needed medical treatment.

The police intend to request today the extension of the suspects’ detention in the Magistrate’s Court in Haifa.

The Israel Police considers the police to be very serious and will use all the means at its disposal to prosecute those who are harmed.

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