Kuwaiti artist Daoud Hussein reveals the most difficult scene in his life

The Kuwaiti artist, Daoud Hussein, was a guest on the “One of the People” program presented by the media, Amr Al-Leithi, on the Egyptian Al-Hayat channel.

Hussein revealed, during the television interview, his admiration for the new comedy stars in Egypt, saying: “I admire the stars of the Egyptian theater, and they are talented, and I would like to see Ahmed Fathi and Mohamed Tharwat also from the comedy stars.”

The Kuwaiti artist and comedian talked about his experience in Al-Fawzier, saying: “I presented the fawazir and it was called (Celebrity Tales), which is an important experience in my artistic career, and the episodes were a risk, and my idol is the artist Ahmed Zaki in acting, and I cannot imitate him because of my great love for him.”

During the meeting, Hussein indicated that the scene of his father’s departure was one of the most difficult scenes in his life, and that he was like his friend.

The artist, Daoud Hussein, said about the theater: “I wish to return to the theater, but in a new way, with an important topic and the audience’s enjoyment.”

Daoud continued about the theatrical directing experience, saying: “I hope to return to the theater, but in a new way, and I am fortunate to be a graduate of the Higher Institute of Cinema, and I owe thanks to the professors at the Institute from the stars of art, and I am proud that I was taught by the top art stars in Egypt.”

Regarding his opinion of the artist’s retirement, he said: “Retirement is not for the artist, but for the football player, and the artist increases creativity with age, and Farid Shawqi is a model for me, and every time the artist grows, creativity increases, and my age does not have a feeling that I want to retire.”

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