Sudan..Protesters block two oil export and import lines at Port Sudan

Some protesters closed two oil export and import lines in Port Sudan, while the Supreme Council of Beja and Independent Ambulances in eastern Sudan announced, today, Saturday, the closure of the railways at Haya Station by what he called “revolutionaries of the east”, in implementation of the council’s directives.

The council’s media said – on its Facebook page – that the petrol line transporting from Haya to Khartoum was also closed, according to the same instructions. The council’s legal advisor had said yesterday that there is a tendency to close the oil pipeline from Port Sudan to Al-Jili refinery.

This comes as the rapporteur of the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals and Independent Ambulances, Abdullah Obshar, said that the government is provoking the citizens of the East, so it is taking escalatory steps, including the closure of the railways.

Obshar explained that the Oil Minister considered that the closure of the railways would not affect the transportation of oil from Port Sudan, and this is a provocative matter.

Abdullah Obshar added: “The minister has no choice but to transfer oil” by Bluetooth or WhatsApp, and we will not open the railways, “noting that the coming days will witness escalatory steps. The closure of sea ports and roads linking eastern Sudan and the capital, Khartoum, entered the seventh day in a row, in a plan aimed at putting pressure on the transitional government.

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