An “imaginary” price for a bundle of bread?!

Ali Ibrahim, the resigned head of the Kilns Owners Syndicate, blamed the “Oil Directorate” for the crisis that the bakeries are facing in terms of supporting them, due to the fact that no book has been issued by it yet, and it is left to its fate.

In an interview with Al-Jadeed channel, Ibrahim indicated that “the price of a bundle of bread may become beyond imagination.”

He pointed out that “fuel subsidies will be lifted, but flour subsidies will not be lifted.”

He added, “The price of a bundle of bread will be increased by a thousand Lebanese pounds, and this increase is for the mills and for fuel, and if the bundle is raised completely, the bundle’s price will increase even more.”

He revealed that “the work of the Minister of Economy, Amin Salam, is being obstructed by the General Directorate of Oil.”

Ibrahim concluded by saying: “God willing, we will solve the problem with the Minister of Economy before a new crisis occurs.”

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