The European rival coach approached the player

Such a crazy story has not been remembered in Israeli basketball for many years. Although the Elitzur Holon women’s team lost last Thursday in the EuroCup qualifiers to the Turkish Hattai team, 76:59, the big and unprecedented story took place even before and during the game.

The Holon team did not understand how it could be that the team star, the French Melissa Diavcana, shows such weakness, when in 30 minutes of play she scored only 2 points, lost 6 more balls, and in the player defense she kept she scored 27 points. She even seemed unfocused and lacking in desire during the game.

Then it turned out that in the middle of the game, Akin Bass, the coach of the Turkish team, turned to Melissa Diavkana, and during a two-minute conversation between the two he even seemed to hold her hand. Holon claim that he told the player that he wanted to sign her in his team after the pair of games against Holon.

Towards the end of the half-time break, it is said in Holon that the player claimed to one of the team members of the team that the Turkish coach contacted her during the half and told her that he was interested in joining her team after the second game.

Yesterday (Friday) the actress initiated a phone call to Holon coach Roi Eisenberg, and in this conversation Eisenberg says that she claimed to him that: “The Turkish coach contacted her ten days ago on Instagram and offered her to join his team at the end of the game, and that he is sure they will move to Holon.”

Eisenberg He told Diavkana: “How come you did not say anything about it? It’s like I would approach the Turkish actresses with money envelopes and I would offer them to come to Holon.”

Kelsey BooneThe Holon star, who was previously selected in fifth place in the WNBA draft, posted a difficult post on social media about what happened: “Only in Europe can a coach of the rival team approach the rival team player and say to her, ‘If you lose, we intend to sign you.’

Boone told ONE this morning: “We share the car together, and she told me on the way back from the game that the Turkish team coach offered her to join the team if they move to Holon. I was not surprised, I played in Turkey and know how it goes there.”

In Holon, they intend to contact Fiba with an appeal against the result of the game, and a complaint on suspicion of unsportsmanlike conduct, and suspicion of bias in a game.

Diavkana said in response to things to ONE that: “It’s not true, it’s not true at all. The truth is that the Turkish coach came to me and told me he loves my job. Apart from being a basketball player I am also a fitness coach. He follows what I do like Other coaches, he appreciates my work, he said he loves my job. “

So your coach Roy Eisenberg is lying that he says you approached him and said the Turkish coach told you they were going to take you?
“I did not say anything.”

So you’re saying that Roy Eisenberg is actually lying?
“I just said the Turkish coach told me he loved my job.”

So ten days ago he sent you a message that he loves your job?
“He did not send me. I have never said such a thing.”

So Roy Eisenberg is lying?
“You can call in a few minutes. I do not want to hang up the phone.”

When we returned to Diavacana again, she no longer answered even though she promised she would answer.

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