I didn’t expect what Salah did

I didn’t expect what Salah did
I didn’t expect what Salah did

Khabarni – German coach Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool coach, praised the capabilities of his Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, and the numbers he achieved with the Reds.

“I called Robert Lewandowski one of the best players I’ve ever worked with? I’m not sure I said he was the best player I’ve ever coached. The question at the time was (Which player has improved the most?)” Klopp said, in comments highlighted by the Liverpool Echo. “.

“It was obvious that it was Lewandowski at the time, because I saw him when he arrived in Dortmund,” he added.

He continued: “We’ve been watching Lewandowski for two years and in that time he has really improved a lot, but when he arrived there were still some things that could be improved. Today he is a very exceptional player.”

He continued: “Mohamed Salah is exactly at the same level as Lewandowski, there is no doubt about that. Mo is a goal machine for sure, and his professionalism is absolutely second to none. He does everything to always be fit and stay on the right track.”

He continued: “Moreover, apart from his technical skills, he is always eager to score goals and this is also useful, and the same is true for Lewandowski. This is very good and useful for a footballer.”

And he added: “Whatever you do on the pitch, whatever you make, you need someone who acts exceptionally and scores goals.”

He added: “Mo is on the same level with the best I’ve ever seen. He knows that, the numbers he has are insane, and obviously I’m lucky to work with some really good players in my career.”

He continued: “Did Salah expect upon his arrival that he would be able to achieve these numbers? Perhaps yes!”

He pointed out: “Did you also expect this? No.. because you cannot expect these things, because you will put pressure on the player, but Mo has made huge strides since he arrived here. We played in a good style and helps score goals, as the team has developed in The right direction, and Salah clearly had a huge impact on that.”

He explained, “You have to keep fit and everything has to go in the right direction.. That’s it, but I couldn’t be more optimistic about the things Mo has already achieved, but it is clear that we are more interested in what he might achieve in the future.” .

He concluded: “At the moment Salah is in good shape and in a good mood, which is useful. He is working hard and has adapted to some changes in our style of play, the way we play, things like that. He is enjoying and it is all good and positive. Nothing else I can say. “.

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