Video: Heavy rain causes a race in Sochi to be postponed indefinitely

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The first short race of Formula 2 at the Sochi circuit in Russia has been postponed indefinitely due to bad weather.

Heavy rain was expected on Saturday at the circuit in Sochi, as the dates of the Formula 3 race, which was held on Friday, were changed due to this.

And that was a really smart move, especially with the rain and thunderstorms that occurred throughout the night and Saturday morning, which led to the postponement of the opening of the shed line due to difficult weather conditions.

The rain left a lot of standing water on the track, which means large patches of water could form on the track.

The opening of the pitlane was delayed for twenty minutes, before the race was postponed.

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The tournament organizers issued a statement saying: “Due to the difficult weather conditions, the first short race has been postponed.”

“More details will be published as they become available,” the statement added.

The safety car was out on the track for five minutes before the delay was announced by the race management.

It is not yet clear if the race will be postponed to later in the weekend.

Source: twitter/Formula2

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Video Heavy rain race Sochi postponed indefinitely

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