Miqati victorious over the club with patience, cunning, dream and evasion

Miqati victorious over the club with patience, cunning, dream and evasion
Miqati victorious over the club with patience, cunning, dream and evasion

Antoine Al-Asmar – Najib Mikati is close, within weeks, to achieving what Saad Hariri was unable to achieve in seven months of assignment, and before years as prime minister.

The formation of the government made him, or almost, the coming savior on the white horse. And opened the doors of capitals and international institutions before him. A visit to Paris, the patron, the facilitator, the assistant and the press, was his first outward appearance. Certainly, the French visit will not be enough on its own, but it is an indication of the path that Mikati is planning for himself as prime minister before the elections, and most likely the one after them. He is powerful, capable, dribbling, and capable of turning corners and snatching quick wins. Is not authorship a quick victory by the will of the capable, the capable, and the elusive? of course it is. In the moment of decisiveness, he threw all the weights and loosened all the restrictions, and the club of former prime ministers became a trace after an eye, after it was imagined to him at the peak moment that he had become the source of legitimacy and the political and sectarian cover for any aspiring to head the government. It is not a detail that no statement was issued by a group after the formation, in support of or in support of Mikati, the last arm under his banner.

There is an obvious over- or under-pronouncement of the salivary glands:

A- Complete peace, withdrawing to the point of fatigue, and perhaps retiring from politics. He found himself alone among his three peers, abandoned after he handed over to Hariri and entrusted him with the inheritance. But what happened is that each of the other three sought his own interest, so what remained for him was only to settle for comfort and to stay away from the political noise.

B – Saad Hariri is a wanderer seeking new interests and business after losing everything he owned or owned by the kingdom. He tells about his new business in the United Arab Emirates through a startup he founded some time ago. He became more like a headhunter, or rather a treasure hunter. He arranges investment projects for the benefit of the Emirates, but he is definitely far from the empire that he rose to as a king during the time of Oger.

C- Fouad Siniora remains strict in opinion, position and behavior. He was the club’s lifter, mentor, theorist, and writer of its sharp commentaries and harsh statements. And he continues – if alone – to raise the objection. But his pain is that the fall of the project to isolate the Presidency of the Republic and the formation of a severe Sunni state for the boycott, leading to the overthrow of the president, was obtained by the fourth arm of the club. It is the same arm that decided to lighten every weight of the day when the composition became certain, and put the rough and heavy load behind it.

D- Only Najib Mikati left Muzaffara. He won the third prime ministership, and most likely the fourth, and leadership after that if he wanted, and with it he won the mind of Emmanuel Macron and the support of the US administration. Only perseverance brought him to the glorious day. The king was not in a hurry and did not ask for it. He left the government fruit to the circumstance and to the Elysee, and he is the Miqati, an expert in timeliness of work and circumstance.

1- He watched smiling and patient at the time of me or no one, when Hariri himself became capable, capable and strong, and that by burning 3 candidates for prime minister, he marked the clear victory: me or no one!

2- The patience of the day the French praised his former bureau chief, Ambassador Mustafa Adib, and left the Shiite veto, and Hariri’s anger as a result of his exclusion, to ensure that Adib seals his governmental ambition within 3 weeks.

3- No, he was impatient when Hariri announced his self-candidacy for prime minister on October 8, 2020. He watched him in his hesitation, confusion and inability to compose. He participated in all the club’s meetings that supported Hariri and signed all the statements in support of him, which blamed the government’s failure on the President of the Republic. He himself repeatedly stated that it would be criminal for Hariri to apologize and that the unknown would inevitably happen if the apology occurred, while he was with his brother and his narrow circle communicating with the French and negotiating with them to arrange his return to prime minister.

It is worth documenting Taklif Mikati’s novel and its many local, French and American secrets. Just as the pre-writing tales deserve to be documented, especially the last three days before birth, and Patrick Durrell’s tireless phones.

The novel, simply put, is a reflection of the victor’s short-sightedness, lack of resourcefulness and salesmanship. The victor is the one who has money, patience, fortitude, forbearance, cunning, and evasion.

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