“To reduce prices” .. This is what the Minister of Economy promised!

Economy Minister Amin Salam stressed “the importance of carrying out the required reforms, and he will work hard to reduce prices, and that he promises the Lebanese people to do what is required of them to bring Lebanon to safety.”

In an interview with “Voice of Lebanon 100.5” within the “The Seventh Day” program, he indicated that “an understanding has been reached on a mechanism to be followed to extricate Lebanon from what it is floundering in, and every violator will be punished.”

He said: “Despite the rise in the price of fuel, the decline of the dollar will create a certain balance, which will lead to a decrease in prices,” noting that “they are about to conduct a large workshop to save the situation.”

Economy Minister Amin Salam pointed to “the importance of doing the minimum required,” stressing that “the citizen is under the burden of problems and a solution is required, and we adopt accuracy in the process of accelerating the pace of price reduction.”

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