Global health recommends the first treatment to prevent acute symptoms of corona

Global health recommends the first treatment to prevent acute symptoms of corona
Global health recommends the first treatment to prevent acute symptoms of corona

For the first time, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the introduction of a group of drugs to prevent acute symptoms of “Covid-19” disease in patients at risk from the disease.

The World Health Organization referred to studies indicating that a combination of kazerifimab and imdivimab, developed by the American company “Regeneron” in partnership with the Swiss company “Roche”, could improve patients’ chances of survival, according to the German news agency.

WHO is now recommending kazerifimab and imdivimab to pre-existing COVID-19 patients who may have severe symptoms of COVID-19 and face treatment in intensive care units.

The World Health Organization published its new recommendations in the British Medical Journal.

The World Health Organization said in a statement that patients at higher risk of hospitalization and those who did not develop natural antibodies against Covid-19 are the two groups of patients who benefit most from drug treatment.

The organization urged manufacturers and governments to address the high price and limited production of the “Regeneron” antibody mixture, and indicated that negotiations were underway with “Roche” regarding lower prices, a potential donation and fair distribution around the world.

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Global health recommends treatment prevent acute symptoms corona

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