No more games for him: what happened between Dor Micha and Maccabi Tel Aviv

No more games for him: what happened between Dor Micha and Maccabi Tel Aviv
No more games for him: what happened between Dor Micha and Maccabi Tel Aviv

In nine days, Dor Micha will face the most exciting moment of his life. He will marry Almog Bar Noy, his girlfriend of about a year. But those who are invited to the wedding will probably notice that some of the officials at Maccabi Tel Aviv will not be attending the event. Micha is hardly in touch with the other players, there is no anger about them, just everyone is already in a different place.

Since it was decided to release him even before the prosecution’s decision, Micha has not spoken about Maccabi Tel Aviv. So to this day. Probably also will not take out everything he has in his stomach for a long time.

He did not imagine that there would be people inside the yellow club who would turn their backs on him but found that even being a yellow symbol does not give him rights when the landlord makes decisions overseas. Emails to Canada, text messages to Jack Angelidis to try to understand – nothing helped and Micha decided to move on. In the year he left with Omar Atzili, Maccabi Tel Aviv did not win the championship. Atzili celebrated the title with Maccabi Haifa, Micha settled for a trophy with Anorthosis who begged him to stay for another season on the neighboring island.

Micha wanted to return to Israel. The conversations with Alona Barkat, Aliniv Barda and Roni Levy made him understand that BSB, like Maccabi Tel Aviv, will run for all the titles. Even before he officially signed, he had already closed an apartment in Lehavim, with me being a regular guest and Micha was also the one who pressed to attach the good friend.

Before the final of the Toto Cup, the professional team of BS decided that Micha will not open. The goal is clear – Micha will play tonight (Saturday) against Maccabi Tel Aviv. In contrast to the noble who received curses from the yellow crowd in the game against Maccabi Haifa, the court estimated that the connection would be received differently by the visiting crowd, a large part of whom knew how to wish Micha success in red as well. Of who is considered after my father Nemani, to be the greatest symbol there is.

Micha in yellow (Alan Schieber)

Other Days with Mitch Goldhaar (Alan Schieber)

Click to attach Schechter (Danny Maron)

Tears in the Toto Cup final (Alan Schieber)

Micha’s crying after missing the penalty in the Toto Cup final against Maccabi Haifa, was a breakup of a long period. He did not score a penalty in the semifinals, not in the final and in another moment he is playing against someone who has been his family for so many years. Lots of emotion erupted with the final whistle, like the emotion when he touches a ball on the grass.

Everything together turned into tears in front of the cameras. After that game, Micah did not fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. Last night, one might guess, he was also moving in some discomfort in bed. He clarified to his friends that despite the situation against Maccabi Tel Aviv and the lawsuit that is on the way, he does not intend to celebrate if he scores.

“Dor gave his all to Maccabi Tel Aviv and the management could have behaved differently with him or at least waited for the prosecutor’s decision,” said those around the contact who will surely be excited tonight but also want to prove. And to prove to Hapoel BS that from the first moment it gave him a hug and a chance to lead another team to titles in Israeli football.

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