In this case, we will witness an “increase” in the hours of electrical feeding!

Commenting on the request for a treasury advance to purchase fuel, a member of the Energy and Parliamentary Works Committee, MP Muhammad Khawaja, stated that “the Parliament is outside the regular session, and there is no special session at the present time, and therefore no treasury advance can be approved, and the parliament will not return to meeting before October 15 Next first.”

Regarding alternative solutions, Khawaja pointed out in an interview with “Electronic News”, that “Iraqi fuel may provide between 4 to 5 hours of electrical supply, according to what former Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar announced, which may prevent total darkness, but it remains A temporary solution while the sector needs radical solutions.”

In this context, Khawaja stressed the necessity of “inclusion of the electricity file on the table of the new government, and moving towards building new gas-powered plants. Siemens offered to build plants and provide kilowatts at a value of 7.1 cents, while the current kilowatt costs EDL 24 cents for its production, and therefore we will witness a decrease in the bill, an increase in feeding hours, and citizens will dispense with private generators, if this solution is resorted to.”

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