What is Cristiano Ronaldo doing in a famous fast food restaurant?

What is Cristiano Ronaldo doing in a famous fast food restaurant?
What is Cristiano Ronaldo doing in a famous fast food restaurant?

The entry of the Manchester United star, Cristiano Ronaldo, into one of the most famous restaurants in the world known for providing fast food, raised a lot of questions among his fans.

This surprised Ronaldo’s fans in England, because he was known for his keenness not to appear in public places, because of his great fame, which made it difficult for him to move.

As soon as this incident spread, Ronaldo’s fans shared the video on social media, where Ronaldo appeared as he entered the “Subway” fast food restaurant, in downtown Manchester, in a scene that surprised everyone inside.

Minutes later, the cameras spotted Ronaldo rushing out of another door before getting into a car that was waiting for him on the street.

Many on the communication sites wondered whether Ronaldo had asked for food from “Subway”, while he is known to follow a healthy diet.

For its part, the British newspaper “Sun” revealed the details of the incident, as it reported that Ronaldo was going to the post office, which shares space with “Subway” in this particular branch.

And she confirmed that the Manchester United star, after he finished his dealings with the post office, went out through the restaurant outside.

According to the newspaper, Ronaldo only passed inside the restaurant, and did not order food.

It is noteworthy that Rio Ferdinand, the former defender of Manchester United, said last Thursday, in statements to the British newspaper “Daily Star”, that he was stunned when Cristiano Ronaldo hosted him at his home.

He added that there were people present with Ronaldo, and when he asked him who were these, the Portuguese star replied, “This is a personal masseur, a nutritionist, a doctor, my physicist and the chef.”

He pointed out that these people are the secret of Cristiano’s fitness, explaining that he is only looking for all the small details that will enable him to be at his best.

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