Macron will not leave Lebanon and a “special gift” he received from Mikati

Yesterday’s meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Najib Mikati reflected a personal friendship between them.

During this period, direct phone calls were recorded between the two men, during which Macron expressed his support for the success of Mikati’s mission to form the government.

Yesterday, after the end of the talks and the working lunch, Macron was keen to extend the meeting for some time before touring and his guest around the Elysee Palace and briefing him on the ongoing rehabilitation work for a number of historical halls and the modernization of other departments.

At the end of the meeting, Mikati presented Macron with a special gift, which is a glass jug made of glass that was scattered as a result of the explosion of the port of Beirut, and turned it into creativity.
Lebanese Ziad Abi Shaker into rounded pieces of glass.

Macron expressed his affection for this initiative, and he personally witnessed what happened to Beirut as a result of the port explosion on two successive visits, the first two days after the explosion and the second at the end of August, when he toured the destroyed neighborhoods and met their people before inspecting the port of Beirut.

From here, his remarkable sign was made in the joint press meeting with President Mikati, where he said, “I will not leave Lebanon and I will not let Lebanon down…France has not left or failed Lebanon, but the road is long and difficult and the task is difficult. He defends his daily life and his future, and I want Lebanon to know that it can count on France.”


Macron leave Lebanon special gift received Mikati

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