A Sri Lankan woman buzzes social media in Lebanon… This is what she did!

Social networking sites in Lebanon were buzzing with a post byA Sri Lankan woman, named Diba Abvikarama, expressing her sadness for leaving Lebanon and returning to her homeland, Sri Lanka, after a 23-year work.

Diba wrote very touching words attached to a picture of her and said: “It is not easy that you are a Sri Lankan in Lebanon

It is not easy that you have lived in Lebanon for twenty-three years, and at the end you find yourself becoming Lebanese in everything, even if you become attached to Lebanese songs and Lebanese food, and you find a falafel sandwich that is better than sushi.

Twenty-three years in Lebanon, we went through as if yesterday, I learned many things from the Lebanese, the most important of which is facing difficulties despite all the harsh conditions.

Today, I and my uncle packed my bags in preparation for returning to my country, Sri Lanka. My imagination is passing through a tape of sweet memories I lived in Lebanon, where I met many families who worked in two homes and became attached to them and became like my family.

I am leaving Lebanon with a real pain in my heart and great sadness over the tragic situation the Lebanese are living through.

I am leaving Lebanon, but at the same time I like to confirm that Lebanon remains

With my heart, and I say to the wonderful Lebanese people, I love you and see you again.

Diba… “.

Diba’s post swept the communication sites, as the Lebanese interacted with her, offering her respect and appreciation for her love for Lebanon.


Sri Lankan woman buzzes social media Lebanon

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