Two people arrested for robbery in ancient Egypt

Two people arrested for robbery in ancient Egypt
Two people arrested for robbery in ancient Egypt

The Old Cairo Prosecution ordered the detention of two people for 4 days pending investigations, for robbery of citizens under duress.

The Old Cairo Police Department received a report from two people “nationality of a country,” one of whom had two cut wounds, that while they were walking in the Nile Corniche area in the department’s picnic department, they were surprised by two people who stopped them, assaulted them, inflicting injuries, and seizing the mobile phone of one of them forcibly under him. Threatening a gun and fleeing.

By conducting investigations and gathering information and using modern technologies, it was concluded that two people were behind the incident.

After legalizing the procedures, they were seized with (a quantity of estrox and powder – a number of narcotic pills – a sum of money – 3 mobile phones, “one of them belongs to the injured victim” – 2 knives used in the commission of the incident).

By confronting them, they confessed to committing the incident as referred to, and admitted that they possessed narcotic substances with intent to trade, the financial amount from the proceeds of their illegal trade, and mobile phones to facilitate communication with their clients.

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