A cruise ship with immersive entertainment with an adult area.. Take a look inside

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–If you’re a thrill buff and a cruise lover, you’ve got something to look forward to, especially after the Norwegian cruise company revealed the amazing amenities on board its latest ship, Norwegian Prima.

With her scheduled to sail in August 2022, the Norwegian Prima has become the most sought after.

The ship attracted record bookings when it launched in May, before passengers had a chance to learn about its offerings.

An image of the Norwegian Prima cruise ship’s 3-storey course.Credit: From Norwegian Cruise Line

Prima Speedway is perhaps the first and largest ever microcar racetrack with three levels at sea.

The track extends approximately 1,378 feet, or 420 meters, and features 14 sharp turns.

The track can accommodate 15 riders at a time, with part of the track offering open ocean views, with the buggies reaching speeds of 30 miles per hour, or 50 kilometers per hour.

It may be the cruise line’s most ambitious track yet, but it’s not the first.

The Norwegian company installed the world’s first cruise vehicle track on the Norwegian vessel Joy (which debuted in 2017), followed by the Bliss (2018) and Encore (2019).

An image showing the experience of The Drop for tourists on the Norwegian Prima cruise ship.Credit: From Norwegian Cruise Line

Thrillers will also be keen to try out The Drop, which is known as the “world’s first free-fall dry slide”.

“People are experiencing the highest acceleration force of any similar experience in the cruise industry,” the press release explained.

Those who want to add a competitive edge to their experience can experience The Rush free fall, which allows two guests to slide at the same time.

Prima claims to be home to the world’s first three-story cruise theatre, which can be converted into a Vegas-style nightclub, with a spacious ballroom for club-goers.

Other facilities include an indoor virtual gaming complex known as The Galaxy Pavilion.

14 attractions will be provided, including two escape rooms and the only Topgolf Swing, a type of immersive golf simulator at sea.

An initial photo of the cruise ship that will sail in 2022.Credit: From Norwegian Cruise Line

The ship will also include The Concourse, an outdoor sculpture garden composed of expensive artwork.

There are also two infinity pools, and the Oceanwalk features two glass-bottom bridges suspended over the ocean.

The new ship is 965 feet long, weighs 142,500 tons and can accommodate 3,215 guests.

The ship will offer the largest variety of suites available at sea, with a total of 13 suites.

There is also an adults-only area, called Vibe Beach Club, which consists of a bar and 2 hot tubs.

Prima’s inaugural summer tour will take 8 days in Northern Europe, from Amsterdam to the Norwegian Fjords and Baltic regions. The ship will mostly sail around the Caribbean in the fall/winter season.

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