Sarah Al Amiri reviews the advanced infrastructure at Dubai Silicon Oasis

Sarah Al Amiri reviews the advanced infrastructure at Dubai Silicon Oasis
Sarah Al Amiri reviews the advanced infrastructure at Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai: «The Gulf»

Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Technology, visited Dubai Silicon Oasis, the Integrated Technology Free Zone, where she was briefed on the advanced technology infrastructure of the Dubai Digital Park, the Dubai Technology Center for Entrepreneurship (DITEC), and the new smart campus of Rochester University of Technology-Dubai, the University American technology specialist, in addition to innovation and space centers in the oasis.
Al Amiri met with Dr. Muhammad Al Zarooni, Vice President and CEO of the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, and a number of officials of its vital sectors at the headquarters of the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, and was briefed on a group of its most important facilities.
Al Amiri listened to the management of the Oasis Authority about the role of the Oasis in promoting the adoption of advanced technology applications as an essential part of the smart city strategy, and dedicating its role in empowering its companies and society with advanced technology that achieves digital and smart transformation in all its operations.

quality moves

Al Amiri praised the qualitative level of adoption of advanced technology applications in Dubai Silicon Oasis, which is a prominent model for the success of the UAE and its flexible economy in employing these future technologies to advance research and development, create added value for the national economy, and activate promising opportunities in the new economy sectors.
She added: “Developing an integrated technological environment in the UAE is a strategic direction supported by the wise leadership and translated by its various sectors in the integration of its efforts and future plans, noting that the Ministry is keen to support and stimulate all initiatives and projects that adopt advanced technology applications and the concepts and uses of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in order to empower entrepreneurs and companies. Small and medium-sized companies specialized in the technology and innovation sectors, contribute to the advancement of this vital sector, and support the country’s preparations for heading towards the next fifty years.”

A center for knowledge and innovation

In turn, Al Zarouni welcomed the visit, stressing that Dubai Silicon Oasis provides an incubator environment for innovation and a global laboratory for research and development of advanced future technology needed by the smart economies and societies of the future, whether through the Dubai Digital Complex, which provides an integrated package of smart services for companies based in it or the Dubai Center Technology for Entrepreneurship “DETEC”.
He said: “Dubai Silicon Oasis, as a hub for knowledge and innovation, is keen to play a pivotal role in consolidating the pillars of a solid, sustainable and advanced economy that characterizes the UAE, and it provides all facilities as a technology free zone to attract future technology developers from entrepreneurs and academic institutions specialized in technology and innovation. startups and technology companies from around the world.

University of Rochester

Commenting on Rochester University of Technology-Dubai visit, Dr. Al Zarooni stressed that investing in education to prepare future cadres capable of creative thinking and inventing solutions to challenges is among the priorities of the Oasis, which works to attract talent and provide all the ingredients for success, thus enhancing Dubai’s position as one of the best incubating environments. for innovation.
Al Zarooni added: “Oasis’ cooperation with Rochester University of Technology contributes to achieving the vision of the Dubai government, which is always keen on linking education with innovation, qualifying youth and optimal investment in their energies to create a better tomorrow for their communities and achieve progress in all fields.”

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