Stephanie Saliba participates in “The Jareesh Years 1940” with Hayat Al-Fahd

Stephanie Saliba participates in “The Jareesh Years 1940” with Hayat Al-Fahd
Stephanie Saliba participates in “The Jareesh Years 1940” with Hayat Al-Fahd

“The Jareesh Years 1940” will be the first Gulf experience for Stephanie Saliba (Mathew Quinillato/Getty)

Lebanese actress Stephanie Saliba revealed her participation in a series that will be shown during the upcoming Ramadan, with Kuwaiti star Hayat Al-Fahd, entitled “The Jareesh Years 1940”.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Saliba published a poster on her account in “Instagram”, topped by her picture. She commented on him: “A new step for me through the Yarish_Years. A work that will bring me together with the lady of the Gulf screen, Hayat Al-Fahd.”

And the series expected in Ramadan 2022, prepared by Sami Al-Ali, written, script and dialogue by Muhammad Al-Nabulsi, and directed by Manaf Abdel.

The Al-Fahd Foundation for Artistic Production, which produced the work, reported that the series “transmits a story from reality, to tell our children and grandchildren that the lives of our ancestors were never easy, and that wars are a tragedy for humanity, so we are now in grace, security and safety. We thank God for everything.” On another copy of the work poster, topped by Hayat Al-Fahd, he wrote: “The war will end, the leaders will shake hands, and that woman will remain waiting for her martyred son.”

Saliba will be the first non-Gulf star to participate with Hayat Al-Fahd in a Ramadan work, in more than 20 years. This is also the first Gulf experience for the Lebanese actress.

Stephanie Saliba recently appeared in the series “Downtown” (2021) with Amal Bouchoucha, Samer Ismail, Sarah Abi Kanaan, Abdel Moneim Amayri, and others. She participated in the Ramadan 2020 season through the series “The Magician,” alongside Syrian actor Abed Fahd. And her presence was noticeable in Ramadan 2019, through the series “A Minute of Silence”, along with Abed Fahd, Khaled Al-Qish, Fadi Sobeih, Fadi Abi Samra, and others.

As for Hayat Al-Fahd, she is nicknamed “The Lady of the Gulf Screen”, and she has dozens of series, plays, films and radio works to her credit. Her last appearance was in the series “Margaret” (2021). And her Ramadan series “Umm Haroun”, last year, caused an uproar, as activists accused him of “promoting normalization” and “distorting historical facts.” The series “Umm Haroun” tells the story of a Jewish doctor in the 1940s, and the challenges that faced her family and the Jewish community in the Gulf states. But Al-Fahd criticized these accusations, and confirmed that she opposes normalization.

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