“MasterCard” reviews the experience of the sensory box at “Expo Dubai”

“MasterCard” reviews the experience of the sensory box at “Expo Dubai”
“MasterCard” reviews the experience of the sensory box at “Expo Dubai”

Dubai: «The Gulf»
Days away from the start of Expo 2020 Dubai, Mastercard has provided a glimpse into the incredible array of priceless experiences that visitors and guests can experience during the world’s largest and most important international event. As the Official Payment Technology Partner of the First Partner category of Expo 2020 Dubai, MasterCard will connect people to experiences that excite and excite them, offer them a glimpse into the future fueled by digital transformation, and share ideas and experiences in the industry during the six-month period of the international event. Months.
Khalid Al Jebali, Regional Head of MasterCard in the Middle East and North Africa, said: “With the launch of one of the largest economic and cultural events in the UAE and the region as a whole, we at MasterCard are ready to welcome visitors to the international event from all over the world, and connect them to an unforgettable experience full of unparalleled possibilities. Invaluable. Together with Expo 2020 Dubai, we have designed an experience that motivates, inspires and encourages consumers to be part of the future of innovation. Our goal remains, as it has been for the past three decades, to harness the power of technology to build a future rich in potential and priceless.”
MasterCard Interactive Fund
MasterCard will connect visitors with their passion through the MasterCard Cube Fund, which will take them on priceless journeys through a suite of multi-sensory experiences, tailored to reflect their passions in areas including sports, cooking, music and philanthropy. The fund will amaze visitors with mixed reality content that delivers the next generation of innovation, as MasterCard showcases how payments technologies will be harnessed to make life safer, more convenient and connected.
A more sustainable planet
Furthermore, MasterCard will be holding a separate exhibition dedicated to the For Our Precious Planet coalition within walking distance of the interactive box. The innovative concept, spearheaded by Mastercard in collaboration with Expo 2020 Dubai, will invite visitors to learn more about Mastercard’s efforts to mobilize governments, businesses and consumers to address the impacts of climate change, and provide them with the opportunity to become part of the Mastercard alliance and contribute to building a greener future.
Visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai can also contribute to building a greener future by making a donation to the “For Our Precious Planet” alliance, launched by MasterCard, when purchasing their tickets for the international event.
Supporting societal equality
MasterCard will use the opportunity of its presence on the global platform provided by Expo 2020 Dubai, to strengthen its efforts to support societal equality around the world. The world-leading technology company will work closely with the Expo 2020 Dubai team to host a number of distinguished events in the Women’s Pavilion, to celebrate the successes of women leaders and provide a platform for women’s voices, which will culminate in a creative literary work that will be launched early next year.
Empowering Small Businesses
MasterCard will also unite the efforts of the SME community in the region, through a series of physical and virtual sessions, that will contribute to connecting thousands of companies and entrepreneurs. These sessions build on MasterCard’s ongoing efforts to support small and medium businesses, helping them with digital transformation and digital growth in the Internet economy.
Preparing for the 50th Mastercard is fully committed to supporting all knowledge-sharing initiatives that will take place at Expo 2020 Dubai, and its senior executives from its global offices will participate in these initiatives to provide valuable insights and expertise to the international event audience.
For more than 30 years, Mastercard has been promoting strategic partnerships between the public and private sectors in the UAE to drive economic progress and achieve the digital economy. In parallel with the UAE’s celebration of the Golden Jubilee, Mastercard invites all visitors to the international event to discover a seamless world without borders and barriers, by harnessing the power of technology that creates a positive legacy and leaves a wonderful impact on humanity and the planet.


MasterCard reviews experience sensory box Expo Dubai

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