Al-Ahly sets the conditions for Percy Tau to join the South African national team

Al-Ahly sets the conditions for Percy Tau to join the South African national team
Al-Ahly sets the conditions for Percy Tau to join the South African national team

Al-Ahly club officials have reservations about the idea of ​​its player, Percy Tau, joining the camp of the next South African team, after he was called by the boys’ team in the next gathering, despite the player’s continued suffering from a strain in the connective muscle he suffered during his participation in the camp of his former team.

The injury suffered by Percy Tau in the Bafana Bafana team’s last camp caused the player to postpone the appearance of the player with his new team, after he joined Al-Ahly this summer from the English ranks of Brighton, where the player needs two weeks before attending the group training for his team and then participating in the official matches.

Al-Ahly officials set conditions for Tao to join the camp of the upcoming South African team, most notably that the player undergo a comprehensive medical examination and ensure that the player has fully recovered from the injury and is ready to participate in the matches, especially since Tao needs some time to be ready to participate in the matches and it is not in his interest to rush to push him in matches.

Al-Ahly’s medical staff intends to communicate with the team, the boys’ team, to explain Tao’s position and stress the danger of the player joining his country’s team, as well as the difficulty of participating in matches due to his exit from a severe injury and his need to qualify for sufficient time before returning to participate in the matches, before the final decision is issued regarding the player joining the boys team camp. or not.

Al-Ahly wants Tao to stay in Cairo to complete his treatment program for traveling to his country to be examined by the Bafana team’s medical staff, especially after the medical staff of his country convinced him that the injury he complained about before the first match of the South African team in the World Cup qualifiers was minor and was pushed in the two matches to worsen. He is injured and is out for a while.

Al-Ahly’s medical system injected Percy Tao with plasma to recover from the injury in the connective tissue before completing his treatment program, and then regular group exercises after the player started the stage of running around the stadium within the program set for him by the medical system in Al-Ahly.

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