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An escalation from Fenianos in the face of Judge Bitar… This is what he did!

An escalation from Fenianos in the face of Judge Bitar… This is what he did!
An escalation from Fenianos in the face of Judge Bitar… This is what he did!

After a team of defense lawyers for the former minister, Youssef Fenianos, went to file a lawsuit “transferring the case for legitimate suspicion” against the judicial investigator in the Beirut port explosion, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, Fenianos said, in a statement: “I thank God who made me the ability and ability to embrace the law and work.” Legal and judicial for more than half my life, and Ahmed the law, who taught me to return to the text and truth and to rise above personalization, bias, politicization and hunting in the glamor of the media in search of fake heroism.”

He added, “I spent more than half my life as a lawyer, and throughout my career that lasted more than 30 years, I did not quarrel with any judge, and I did not find myself in the position of complaining to the judiciary, but today I am forced and motivated to take this step.”

He continued, “I regret that I had to file a lawsuit for legitimate suspicion, in order to ensure the smooth conduct of the investigation and to reach the desired truth.”

Fenianos said: “Pending the outcome of this lawsuit, I will determine my position in accordance with the law, relying on the integrity of the judiciary,” explaining that “whoever embraces law and justice, the principle of his life, will not remain silent about an injustice that affects him personally.”

He stressed that “abnormal behavior, responses, jurisprudence, selectivity, double standards, and all kinds of grievances do not change the facts and facts.” He considered that “history does not record wishes and intentions, but actions and deeds.”

Fenianos considered that “accusing him of the crime and issuing an arrest warrant against him is an illegal and unjust step, as the Judicial Council does not originally have the authority.”

And he continued: “The disaster of the port explosion has come, and there are those who want to blame me as a person, from my position as a former minister of public works and transport, for the sins of the whole case in all its dimensions. I assure that I bear my administrative responsibilities, if any. And the destruction of Beirut’s homes, and I feel great pain with the families of the victims as if I am one of them, especially since what they lost has no compensation in this world, but the truth alone heals the wounds.”

He concluded: “I regret to say that the path taken by Judge Al-Bitar will not lead to the truth.”

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escalation Fenianos face Judge Bitar

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