An understanding between “Technip” and “Petroleum Construction”

An understanding between “Technip” and “Petroleum Construction”
An understanding between “Technip” and “Petroleum Construction”

Dubai (Union) Technip Energy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Petroleum Construction Company, a subsidiary of the National Offshore Dredging Company, to support the transformation of the energy sector in the UAE and other countries in the Middle East and North Africa region. The memorandum was signed during the Gastec conference, by the CEO of the National Petroleum Construction Company, Eng. Ahmed Al Dhaheri; his counterpart at Technip Energy, Arnaud Bethune; In the presence of senior officials of the two companies. In light of the commitment to support the transformation of the energy sector and decarbonization, the sector is witnessing an unprecedented trend towards clean energy sources.

The agreement aims to explore and benefit from these growing opportunities and provide value-added services. The two companies will establish a joint venture to lead the energy transformation journey. Complementary value Within the framework of their continuous cooperation for more than 3 decades, the two companies will achieve an integrative added value for the joint venture. While Technip Energy will provide its technological expertise, comprehensive capabilities in the field of project management, and innovative solutions from the first stages of the project to its delivery; NPCC will leverage its engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project management skills, combined with its regional presence and well-known manufacturing capabilities.

blue and green hydrogen

The strategic partnership will also focus on seizing opportunities in the energy sector transformation and promoting best engineering practices. The partnership will also enhance cooperation opportunities in the field of blue and green hydrogen, related decarbonization projects, and carbon dioxide capture, in addition to industrial projects in the areas of waste-to-energy, biorefining, biochemistry, ammonia, in addition to other topics related to the energy sector transformation.

Arnaud Beton, CEO of Technip Energy, said: “We are proud to sign this partnership with NPCC, our trusted partner who has accompanied us in the implementation of many high-profile projects. We have always recognized the importance of sharing technical knowledge, technologies and competencies that will contribute to the prosperity and general well-being of the host countries. This partnership will include the optimum combination of ability to identify tangible opportunities such as CO2 capture, blue/green hydrogen and ammonia, along with technological know-how, technical capabilities, global and local implementation experience, and financial strength to provide comprehensive solutions that will accelerating the transition towards a low carbon society.

motivational measures

In turn, Yasser Zagloul, CEO of the National Marine Dredging Group, said: “The UAE is committed to taking positive action on climate change and adopting an effective strategy to catalyze the transformation of the energy sector in order to ensure a carbon-neutral future. This calls for the concerted efforts of all institutions to take incentive measures that reduce carbon emissions by using Technologies such as carbon capture and hydrogen potential.As a leading national company committed to supporting the country’s goals, the National Petroleum Construction Company, a subsidiary of the National Marine Dredging Company, is strengthening its efforts to support the country and the region in general in implementing energy sector transformation initiatives.There is no doubt that its partnership today with “Technip” Energy “will contribute to accelerating its pace towards achieving this goal.”

Sustainability culture

NPCC CEO, Eng. Ahmed Al Dhaheri concluded: “In line with market trends and policies, NPCC is looking forward to occupying a leading position in meeting the various requirements of engineering, procurement and construction projects for the energy sector, as well as encouraging a culture of sustainability.

In light of our commitment to support best environmental practices, we will continue to focus on enhancing our energy sector transformation strategies and supporting our wise government’s vision to become one of the largest hydrogen producing countries through the Memorandum of Understanding we signed with Technip Energy, which is a preferred partner of the National Petroleum Construction Company. Thanks to its long experience in this field. We have collaborated over more than 3 decades to implement many mega projects, and we will continue to share best practices. This strategic MoU will not only catalyze our commitment to decarbonization, but will also support the country’s actual initiatives in the field of climate change in addition to its long-term vision in the field of sustainable development.”

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