“LinkedIn” reveals the list of the top 10 startups in the UAE

“LinkedIn” reveals the list of the top 10 startups in the UAE
“LinkedIn” reveals the list of the top 10 startups in the UAE

Dubai: «The Gulf»
LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has announced its list of the top 10 startups in the UAE for 2021. The “Top Emerging Companies” list issued by LinkedIn’s editorial team and based on network data represents an annual classification of remarkable startups as promising projects and business destinations required.
The list of startups in the UAE, in its first edition, highlights the most prominent emerging companies by evaluating them based on four criteria: employment growth, levels of interaction, talent demand, and talent acquisition. The list also presents the startups that have succeeded in dealing with the requirements of consumers and businesses in the post-pandemic world, and pave the way for what LinkedIn called the “Great Transformation”; That is, the unprecedented changes that lead companies and employees alike, to rethink the ways and purpose of work.
new Horizons
The start-ups on the list seek to explore new horizons in technology, respond to the growing demands of consumers in terms of enhancing connectivity, accelerating business growth and success, and most of these companies are currently hiring and adopting flexible work models that employees look up to.
LinkedIn’s list of the top 10 startups includes: Kafue, Kitubi, Inspire Integrated, Willowdoor, Energy Hello, Chef Swan, Pyypl, YAP, Your Health and Swvl.
Some of the highlights from this year’s list include:
Customer convenience first
The startups selected by LinkedIn provide easy-to-use applications that enhance the convenience of customers. For example, the CAFU app, which ranked first on the list, enables consumers to fill up car fuel comfortably and easily wherever they are at any time, while the Hello Chef app, which ranked fifth on the list, delivers food preparation recipes weekly to customers’ homes with a box The ingredients are complete.
Effective financial management
Startups such as Pyypl, which ranked seventh on the list, which is a globally approved digital alternative to credit cards, and YAP, which came in eighth on the list, which is a digital banking company that helps users manage their money through their phones, are making a paradigm shift. In the financial management of users. Sehteq, which came in ninth place, also provides low-cost digital health insurance to nearly half a million consumers in the UAE.
Innovation for a green future
Startups harness technology and innovation to make a positive impact on the fate of the planet. For example, Yellow Door Energy, which ranked fourth, is paving the way to sustainable energy; Their energy efficiency solutions enable companies to reduce energy costs, improve energy reliability, and reduce carbon emissions. Kitopi, which came in second place, also contributes to providing sustainable solutions and reducing waste and waste, as it is a cloud platform that enables restaurants to open delivery sites only by providing the necessary infrastructure and software.


LinkedIn reveals list top startups UAE

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