Looking for where to go out tonight to celebrate? • The list

Looking for where to go out tonight to celebrate? • The list
Looking for where to go out tonight to celebrate? • The list
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Looking for where to go out and celebrate tonight the joy of Beit Hashoeva? ‘Shabbat Square’ presents you with the list of the celebrations tonight (Wednesday), on the second of Sukkot.

  • A neat list of Beit Hashoeva celebrations on all weekdays – click here
  • You also have an event, and want it mentioned in the article, you can send an email about your event – to: [email protected]. Happy holiday!

The list of events – tonight

Daat Aharon Yeshiva – the new Kaplan in Jerusalem, with singer Moshi Wells accompanied by Rafi Stein’s Orchestra.

Beit Meir Yeshiva in Bnei Brak, accompanied by an orchestra.

Or Elchanan Yeshiva in Romema in Jerusalem, Shmulik Klein and Yochanan Uri, the celebration on Ahalihav Street, will begin at 8:00 p.m.

At the “Peri Tuar” plaza in Elad, with the expanded orchestra of Shimi Yuniev and singer Yitzhak Rees.

Zichron Shlomo Central Synagogue, Rabbi Kahneman Street in the Ramat Shlomo Jerusalem neighborhood with the Yehuda Zaril Orchestra.

Simchat Beit Hashoeva Central for Special Children in Modi’in Illit by ‘Balav Ehad’, with the expanded orchestra of Arla Nachshoni and singers Yonatan Sheinfeld, Ohad Moshkovitz, Kobi Bromer and Yehuda Fleischman in the ‘Gan Hadassim’ halls in the afternoon.

Rehavia Shaarei Chesed neighborhood in Jerusalem Asherino Institutions 32 Ussishkin Street in the Evelina schoolyard, with Simcha Abramtzik and his orchestra, singer Arle Sharp and the children’s choir Hasidmalach.

The Ezekiel Knesset Yeshiva in Elad will hold a Simchat Beit Hashoeva accompanied by an orchestra, starting at 8:30 PM, in the yeshiva building in the city.

At 8:30 PM, Rabbi Elimelech Biderman will arrive at the Great Ash Kalman Synagogue in the Sinai Desert 29 Givat Hamivtar. Afterwards, the joy of Beit Hashoeva will begin with musical accompaniment.

‘Yavie Omer’ in Petah Tikva, accompanied by the great Yemeni singer Zion Golan and an extended orchestra at 20:00 in the plaza of Beit Yaakov School, 8 Hahamisha St.

In a beit midrash of the Spinka storks on Donolo Street in Bnei Brak, with Shlomo Gobi and keyboardist Mandy Klatzkin.

Sheikh Sud House in Jerusalem with Zanville Weinberger accompanied by the Malchot Choir and keyboardist Shmulik Luterman.

Heichal Yosef Yeshiva in Modi’in Illit, with singer Yossi Rotner accompanied by keyboardist Yehuda Schatz.

In the Horev Raanana community, with keyboardist and singer Moti Glazer.

Or Eliezer Yeshiva for young people in Beit Shemesh, accompanied by an orchestra.

Simchat Beit Hashoeva Central, in the ultra-Orthodox community in the Galilee landscape, with arranger Israel Susana and his extended orchestra and singer Simcha Friedman.

Ateret Shlomo Yeshiva for young people in Beitar, accompanied by an orchestra.

Ohel Avraham Yeshiva on Honi HaMa’agal Street in Elad, with singer and keyboardist Moishe Levin.

In the aristocratic halls in Ashdod, with the singer Roly Dickman and the orchestra of Yoeli Dickman.

The Viznitz Synagogue at 6 Sander Hadad Street in Petah Tikva with singer Asher Kurzog and keyboardist Itzik Wertheimer.

In the Pardes Katz yeshivot community, 1 Binyamin Avraham St., Bnei Brak, with singer and keyboardist Dudi Bitran.

In the main synagogue “Ziv Yehuda” on Zvi Herling Street in the Kiryat Herzog neighborhood of Bnei Brak, with singer Hershey Eisenbach accompanied by keyboardist Haim Polak.

Singer Amichai Spiegler and his orchestra will perform at the Moriah Nahal Sorek 4 Beit Shemesh plaza at 8:30 p.m.

Simchat Beit Hashoeva for the residents of Kiryat Malachi will be held at the Shaare Rahamim Synagogue in the camp neighborhood, starting at 8:00 PM with David Heftzadi and his band.

Kehilat Chaim asked Yehuda Hanasi 53 Elad Yafia the singer Ari Berman and his orchestra.

In the Ayelet Hashachar Synagogue, 3 Baal HaSulam St., Ramat Avraham, Beit Shemesh, an orchestra and musical instruments will perform.

Chassidut La’aluv Yerushalayim The Chapel Yeshivat Kamnitz, 19 David Street, will feature singer Mandy Sofer and the Chassidut Choir.

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Including times in the Ahisamakh in the Rosh Kollel of Rabbi Pechter Shlita, the klezmers of Lod will perform.

The Afula Yeshiva will feature singer Shlomo Asher and his orchestra.

The Yeshiva of the Testimony Bar Ilan 32 Jerusalem will feature Elhanan Mintz and his orchestra.

Yeshivat Kol Torah Beit Vagan will feature singer and keyboardist Yehuda Gelberman.

Yeshivat Maor Hatalmud Rehovot will feature singer Yossi Leifer and keyboardist Itzik Eisenstadt.

Yeshivat Torah Mitzion on Mount Zion shows that Zach 3 Jerusalem will perform Shlomo Kaplan and his orchestra accompanied by clarinetist Shuki Weinberg

The Dushinsky Chassidut in Jerusalem will feature Srulik Date and the Chassidut Choir.

The Kol Torah Yeshiva will feature singer Gilad Potolski accompanied by the Moishe Windish Orchestra.

A yeshiva for young people in Beit Shemesh will feature singer Yehuda Fleischman and his orchestra.

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