The network claims: Nitzan and Mano together

The network claims: Nitzan and Mano together
The network claims: Nitzan and Mano together

The charming Mano Cohen and the beautiful Nitzan Chic met under the canopy of “Wedding at First Sight”. With a preliminary encounter of the two on Tinder, the initial encounter started not well but with time and after returning from a romantic honeymoon, the relationship between them took a turn and became promising.

Up to this point in the show, it seems that Shemenu and Nitzan are getting along quite well but are still struggling with the occasional difficulties that arise. But as is well known, the show was filmed months ago, and these days the couples who have been matched by the experts are already well behind the process. Separated or not and everyone has their own story, which we will only discover later.

Photo: Keshet 12, wedding at first sight

Until that happens, the network is doing quite a bit of trying to find out what happened to the married couples, as was the case with Nitzan and Mano. The latest speculation is that on Mano and Nitzan’s Instagram, it can be seen that the two function as a couple. Tamar Lasker, who took her role as a sworn spectator seriously, came up with the following: Mano uploaded a picture from the roof when he returned to a wooden table and at about the same time Nitzan uploaded a picture with a “reddish building” in the background. You decide …

Photo: Instagram

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