Simple ways to beat hunger.. Get to know them

Simple ways to beat hunger.. Get to know them
Simple ways to beat hunger.. Get to know them

Cravings for something sweet or savory can strike you for a variety of reasons, including a lull afternoon, a light or early dinner, or even boredom.

But you can do some things to get over this habit, and better yet, stop it before it starts, according to the American medical website WebMed.

Leave it in the store

If you know you’re likely to give in to a craving, don’t let potato chips sneak into the grocery cart, and instead stock up on unsalted or slightly salted walnuts, as they contain protein and omega-3 fatty acids that can be good for your heart.

Same goes for dessert lovers.. Pick up some fresh strawberries or pineapple chunks, and leave the ice cream in the freezer aisle.

drink water

It’s a simple thing that can really help: if you drink more water, you’ll likely eat less fat, sugar and salt, which is what you want to avoid at snacking, because water helps fill the space in your stomach, and this can make you feel more full. .

keep busy

Boredom can lead to mindless eating.. call a friend, read a book, go to the club or exercise.. anything that stops yourself from eating just because you have nothing else to do.. you can even go see a movie, but no It stops next to the Bashar kiosk.

Make it uncomfortable

Put a few crackers or chips in a small bowl across the room, and return the bag to the pantry, or anywhere away from your room.

You will have to get up every time you want some, and this will make you eat less.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy food is not only good for you, but can reduce your snacking.. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits and lean meats fill you up more easily and with fewer calories, and take longer to digest, so energy arrives in usable amounts during the day.. Food is not It is desirable that all this energy is released at once and your body stores the excess as fat. This can leave you tired and hungry — even hungry — soon after.


This can be a distraction, and may make you less likely to snack afterward, too.

Research shows that a brisk 45-minute walk in the morning may help curb food cravings and keep you more energetic throughout the day. If walking isn’t your thing, try cycling or swimming.

Stay away from stimuli

A trigger is any situation that leads you to eat things on your list of things that motivate you to eat. If you are not sure about this list, keep a journal and look for patterns.


If you know you feel hungry between meals, make sure you have an appropriate snack.

A good rule of thumb is 100 calories or less, and it helps a lot if the foods contain protein, plenty of water and fiber to keep you satisfied.

Measure it out and take a look: a medium apple has 95 calories, 20 grapes has 68, a medium red pepper has only 37, and a handful of nuts has about 100 calories.

Cleaning teeth

It may sound strange, but this makes you less likely to fall into the food trap because you will ask yourself: Why am I ruining the taste of clean and fresh mint in my mouth.

Get support

Sometimes loneliness or anxiety can push you to get comfort food that isn’t good for you.. When you feel like this happening, call a friend first, it can lift your spirits and may help you get over the craving too.

Stay away from stress

It can make you eat more, and it also seems to make you crave foods that contain a lot of fat and sugar, in other words, a lot of calories.

The easiest solution is to stay away from stressful situations.. Since this is not always possible, it can help you to get plenty of sleep and exercise, including deep breathing or meditation.

Single sessions

Buying a large bag of chips instead of several small ones may seem like a smart choice to save.. but that makes it hard to control what you eat, and small bags can fix that, if you can’t resist snacking, and you can at least keep track of your calorie count that you eat and balance them later.

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