Lebanon wants to resume the “Maritime Border Demarcation Negotiations”… Here are the details!

Lebanon wants to resume the “Maritime Border Demarcation Negotiations”… Here are the details!
Lebanon wants to resume the “Maritime Border Demarcation Negotiations”… Here are the details!

In light of the lack of sufficient time to hold a cabinet session in the coming days, the government expressed its interest in the Israeli measures leading to the American company Halliburton winning drilling in the north of the Israeli Karish oil field, and what Lebanon can do at the United Nations level in light of the contacts. Which the Minister of Foreign Affairs initiated with the United States of America and the United Nations through the letter sent by the Lebanese mission in New York to explore its opinion in the area in which the American company operates and determine its location if it is within the disputed area between Lebanon and Israel or from outside it.

All these issues were presented by President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, yesterday before noon at Baabda Palace with Mikati and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Dr. Abdullah Bou Habib, in addition to the developments that arose after Israel assigned the American company to provide evaluation services for exploration for gas and oil wells in the region. A unified Lebanese position on it.

Al-Gomhouria learned that Bouhabib, who will meet with US Ambassador Dorothy Shea today, will inform it of Lebanon’s desire to resume negotiations on the demarcation of the maritime borders at the headquarters of the international forces, which were frozen at the request of the American mediator after Lebanon insisted on the 29th line instead of the previous stipulated 23 line. In Decree 6433, Israel rejected and insisted on returning to the so-called “Hof Line”, which was previously rejected by Lebanon.

Ambassador Shea visited Mikati yesterday in her first official activity after returning the day before yesterday from a working visit to her country, during which she held meetings with some senior officials in the US State Department.

In the same context, Al-Jumhuriya learned that Aoun will meet today with the head of the Lebanese negotiating delegation, Brigadier General Pilot Bassam Yassin, to discuss possible frameworks to keep pace with the Israeli measures, what Lebanon can do to confront them and the required preparations if negotiations with the Israeli side resume, and what can be done in The issue of Decree 6433 and what is proposed for its amendment to fix Line 29 at the United Nations in light of the talk about the possibility of raising the issue in the Council of Ministers in its first session next week, in light of what the Foreign Minister’s contacts with Washington and the United Nations will end up with in the next few days separating from a date The session will be held next Wednesday in Baabda, after an understanding was reached between Aoun and Mikati, considering it the regular weekly session of the new government, in isolation from the intensive sessions in the coming period.

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