What is the “secret weapon” of immunity?

What is the “secret weapon” of immunity?
What is the “secret weapon” of immunity?

The risk of catching a cold or catching a viral infection increases as the temperature drops.

In an interview with Sputnik, Russian doctor and blogger Philip Kuzmenko outlined three steps to boosting immunity.

He said the most reliable way to strengthen the body’s defenses is to vaccinate against dangerous diseases such as COVID-19 and influenza. The doctor believes that this is the first and main step that will help maintain health during the disease season.

He added: “The main recommendation is to act boldly and get vaccinated. Vaccination is a comprehensive exercise for our immune system to prevent the subsequent invasion of the enemy, the pathogen. I recommend getting vaccinated against Corona.”

He added that some “helps” can increase the body’s ability to resist the various viral infections that strike in the fall.

He continued: “You can drink tea with honey, lemon and ginger, you can drink cocoa. You can eat more fruits that contain vitamin C, these are good helpers.”

He added that the choice of product, whose regular use will be the next step after vaccination to strengthen the immune system, depends on a person’s preferences.

Finally, there is a “secret weapon” that gives the body a serious advantage in fighting infection.

He emphasized, “The secret weapon for a good immune system is walking. A person should walk five thousand steps daily. Without this minimum, consider that your immunity has been destroyed.”
The doctor warned that strengthening immunity must be accompanied by adherence to the rules of social distance and hygiene.

“Of course, stay away from potentially infectious people – who sneeze and blow their nose,” Kuzmenko concluded. The last tip is to wash your hands whenever you want to touch your face or touch food.”

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