The last days of the life of the late Eric Alfasi

The last days of the life of the late Eric Alfasi
The last days of the life of the late Eric Alfasi

The late Arik Alfasi was one of the most beloved people in Israeli basketball. Wherever he went, he immediately connected with the players and people around him with the smile and the captivating personality, which is hard to break away from.

Even after contracting Corona, Alfasi waged a stubborn struggle and in fact even overcame the virus and recovered, but the complications born as a result of the disease overwhelmed him.

About a month ago, Arik Alfasi was on vacation at a hotel in Eilat and began to feel unwell. He immediately performed a corona test, where it was found to be positive for the virus. Alfasi immediately went into isolation and began home treatment. After a few days, symptoms of the disease began to appear and the coach showed up at a hospital for tests, where it was decided to hospitalize him for observation.

In those days only a few knew that Alfasi was hospitalized, because he did not want to worry his relatives. As time went on, the symptoms began to worsen and Alfasi suffered from a rare side effect – a healthy hole, formed as a result of the virus. It should be noted that Alfasi was vaccinated twice, a healthy person who did sports, did not suffer from background diseases and did not even smoke. The coach even intended to perform a third vaccine, but contracted before he could perform it.

Later, Alfasi’s condition continued to deteriorate as he had difficulty breathing on his own. Last Friday, cheers were received when it became clear that he was clean of the virus and had actually recovered from the corona, but the damage the disease caused to his lungs was already unbearable and his body collapsed. Alfasi was put to sleep and connected to the soul machine. Before the holiday his family members were called to the hospital to say goodbye to Eric, who fought until the last minute, but eventually the doctors were forced to determine his death.

Alfasi will miss the world of basketball on a personal and professional level. There is no basketball player, professional or manager who has not connected with the late Eric, no matter if his opponent was on the floor. Everywhere he went he left a mark and that is also the reason the whole basketball world united around mourning his death.

Of blessed memory

Alfasi. Will miss the basketball world (Alan Schieber)

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