The full story of Tatiana Wakim’s death.. Today is her wedding!

The full story of Tatiana Wakim’s death.. Today is her wedding!
The full story of Tatiana Wakim’s death.. Today is her wedding!

“Nidaa Al-Watan” wrote: Tatiana Wakim did not return to her home yesterday and will not return because she is another victim of unarmed weapons in a country that killed her a thousand times before being killed by a “brothers” bullet. Heart of the heart… A bullet pierced her heart and its shrapnel hit the family of the element in the municipality of Jdeideh – Al-Sad – Al-Bushrieh Shawki Wakim. She is a young woman full of dreams and love. She was born in 1997 in Sad El Bouchrieh, and to the day she died, she was still there.

Tatiana’s fiancé said about the incident: The “Al-Shir” restaurant in Batha, where we decided to eat, was full of people, suffocating with more than a hundred people, and a bullet came, one bullet, to settle in her heart, and she fell in his arms. The two were planning to “surprise” her birthday on December 18. This is what they promised. And they were preparing for it. But she left.

An hour before her death, she called her father and said to him: I love you papou. Surprised how she left everyone around her to tell him I love you. As if she wanted to leave him. It is as if the heart has an intuition that warns it of an imminent danger. He said to her: I love you, Babi. “Unfold”. She replied: I am very happy. He tells this before he explodes in anger by saying: Kill me, her. Kill my life. We don’t know what we know. Why did he kill her? A 24-year-old daughter took her soul, and I promise to take his soul. Heidi is the life of my heart. He is, they say, “the slip” of an influential person. I don’t know if that is true. I don’t know anything yet.”

The killer is Fouad Sayah, the man who thinks he is “Qabaday.” He may have been jealous of his wife Nadia (as it was rumored) and fired shots in intimidation, and he may have fired two bullets to break up a problem, but in both cases he is a criminal carrying a weapon and bragging about it.

Today is the wedding of Tatiana Wakim. She left for a sure and better place. Oh God, give patience to her family and those who live oppression and those who will live it as long as we are in a forest and not in a country.

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full story Tatiana Wakims death Today wedding

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