Disney Plus on the way to Israel – the company is looking for employees in Tel Aviv

In June, there was a report that the streaming service Disney Plus was expected to start operating in Israel in September, and although September has arrived and the service has not yet been launched – it seems that the company is making great strides to start operations in Israel, according to job postings Disney in Tel Aviv, which are directly related to the Disney Plus platform in its Israeli version.

Through a website Disneycareers.com The company publishes job ads for jobs all over the world, and now Disney has begun looking for employees for the marketing department in Israel and Greece. These are content management and marketing jobs and performance analysis jobs. The ad mentions that this is part of a team that will be set up specifically for the streaming service and will also include all the means of marketing on social networks.

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It is not yet known exactly when the service will be launched and what Disney content will be included. Also, it is still unclear whether Disney plans to operate in Israel at the same time the ancillary platforms that it owns. In addition to Disney Plus, in the US Disney also strengthens the streaming service Hulu which broadcasts series such as “The Story of a Slave” (Handmaid’s Tale) ו-“rummy” (“Framework).

These series are already broadcast in Israel on other channels, so it is likely that even if Hollow is launched, it will not include these series (as Netflix did not first broadcast its original series, “Orange is the New Black”, as it was eagerly sold before the service was launched in Israel). But newer series belonging to Hollow, and therefore also Disney, could pop up at the local launch – among them the hit series “Only Murders in the Building” Starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez, which this month became the most watched comedy in Hollow ever.

The Disney Plus streaming service was launched in the US at the end of 2019 at a price of about $ 7 a month, with an increase to $ 8 after about a year. This is an ad-free service, which includes all the content of Disney and the companies it owns – including Pixar, Marvel and Lucas-Films, which produces the content. “Star Wars” (Star Wars). While some of Disney’s movies are still offered on various streaming services in the country, the original Disney Plus series have never landed in Israel and are expected to be the main content in the Israeli launch. Between them is the series The Mandalorian (The Mandalorian) of the Star Wars universe and no less than five Marvel series and a few more on the way. One of them, “Windhouse” (WandaVision) is nominated for 23 Emmy Awards at a ceremony to be held tonight (Sunday) in Los Angeles.

In addition, the service also includes a variety of youth and children’s series such as the basketball drama “Big Shot” starring John Steymos, a sequel to the “High School Musical” films and a documentary travel series directed by Jeff Goldblum. During the Corona period, the service also offered additional paid access to new Disney movies such as “Mulan”, “Luca” and “The Black Widow” which suffered from limited distribution in cinemas which were mostly closed.

Currently, Disney has not yet provided an official announcement regarding the launch of the service in Israel.

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