Eitan Biran’s aunt landed in Israel: “Disturbed by reports of his condition”

The custody battle over Eitan Biran intensifies: For a week now, Eitan Biran, who lost his parents, siblings and maternal grandparents in the cable car disaster in Italy, has been in Israel. This, after his maternal grandfather, Shmuel Peleg, flew him to Israel and is now suspected of kidnapping him. Eitan’s aunt on his father’s side, Aya, who serves as Eitan’s guardian, arrived in Israel today (Sunday) from Italy in the coming days after her family filed a lawsuit in the Family Court, demanding that Eitan be handed over custody of her upon landing in Israel.

Aya is accompanied by diplomatic sources, in light of Eitan’s arrival in Israel, following which a criminal investigation was opened in Italy on suspicion of abduction in aggravated circumstances, and for the purpose of legal proceedings, including the criminal investigation against his abductors in Israel. According to the family, “Aya is troubled by the reports about Eitan’s psychological and mental condition and what is being done by his kidnappers while he is already in their hands. Eitan’s home, in fact, is in Italy.”

According to the announcement, the aunt’s goal is to return Eitan to Italy soon and without delay, in order for him to return to the studies he started in first grade before being flown to Israel. “The uncles, grandparents of the late Amit, his cousins ​​who are like his sisters, his classmates, the therapeutic and rehabilitative staff and the entire Jewish community – all look forward to little Eitan’s return to the routine and stability life that was so important to him after the disaster,” it said.

“Grandfather breaks the law, this is a planned event”

Lawyer Avi Chimi, who represents Eitan’s family on his father’s side, was a guest this morning on Anat Davidov and Nissim Mashaal’s program on 103FM and commented on the custody battle between the families.

“Eitan is experiencing a severe tragedy, due to the disaster that separated him and his family,” said Adv. Chimi. “His injury and the road to his physical and mental rehabilitation are long. From the moment he was born he lived in Italy, he was supposed to enter the first grade in the next few days. There he lived, grew up, acquired the language. This is his natural place. “

He noted that Eitan “is still undergoing significant medical treatment, additional treatment in the lap of his loving aunt, his nephews. Foreign courts have made a clear decision that Aunt Aya is the one who serves as his guardian from the unfortunate event day. “The child and bring him to a place he thinks is better for him. His aunt uprooted her life and is with Eitan closely, she and his whole family support him and help, take him to the necessary treatments. He was in a safe place, well cared for, with a lot of warmth and love.”

According to him, the Peleg family’s narrative, according to which the State of Israel is the ultimate place for it, is “a wrong narrative. We have a serious criminal incident of abduction here in violation of the Hague Convention. And the Israeli police are investigating the issue. ” He added that from a meeting that took place between Eitan and his uncle Hagai Biran, “signs of alienation and incitement” were evident.

Advocate Chimi clarified that he “expects the State of Israel to ensure his immediate return to Italy today, neither tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow. This is how a reformed state should behave. They must return the child to its natural place. Tear it off and put it in an unbearable situation, and for what? It was possible to act in front of all the courts in Italy and reach a decision. An act is done here that will not be done in violation of any law, in any way, in violation of the Hague Convention. We really hope that the affair will come to an end soon. “

When asked if he expects the authorities to prosecute the grandfather for kidnapping, he replied: “Obviously, he is breaking the law. In the middle of the night Eitan was taken to Israel, how can we get on the agenda? It is not an event done spontaneously, it is a planned event. To commit this heinous act. “

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Ofri Glichman, 103FM

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