Urgent Saudi Arabia All National Day 91 offers List of best discounts and discounts on Saudi Eid 65%

Urgent Saudi Arabia All National Day 91 offers List of best discounts and discounts on Saudi Eid 65%
Urgent Saudi Arabia All National Day 91 offers List of best discounts and discounts on Saudi Eid 65%

Here All national day offers 91 As the National Day approaches, many companies are racing to offer their best offers, so we find the largest known stores in the Kingdom and also international brands that offer discounts of up to 60% on the total price of the product, under the slogan (It is our home) the Kingdom meets and offers all The authorities have a set of their best offers that are not repeated except in that period, and if you are interested in buying or renovating anything in your home, a device you need, now we will learn about the best offers that can be greatly benefited from, here are all the National Day offers 91

All national day offers 91

National Day Offers 91

The Saudi National Day 91 AD falls on September 23, as for the Saudi National Day 91 in the Hijri calendar, it falls on the sixteenth of Safar 1443 AH, and the slogan of the National Day carries a lofty meaning that raises all hearts.

With the increase in competition between entertainment companies and also catering companies, we are now getting to know the best offers, knowing that those offers were evaluated according to a comparison between their original price and the price on the National Day. We offer you a bouquet of selected offers in all categories for the 91st Saudi National Day for the year 2021.

91st National Aviation Day Offers

Flight offers for the National Day have already been announced, as many Saudi companies have presented a package of internal and external offers to celebrate the National Day in Saudi Arabia, and among the best offers are the following:

  • National Day offers Saudi Airlines, where it announced discounts on all flights with a special addition from the company, which is the possibility of winning a free ticket in the joint hospitality class on the Alfursan program
    • More than 1,900 national day travel winners will be selected, provided that the flight takes place during the month.
  • Competitive flyadeal offers, offering a 30% discount on the total price of the airline ticket on the National Day, booked on the flyadeal website.
  • Flynas National Day offers the most prominent ever, as Kiran Nas announced huge discounts, reaching that the price of domestic airline tickets has become only 99 Saudi riyals.
    • And discounts on Jeddah tickets by 30% if you try the events on the beach, the offers start from September 20 and continue until September 23.

Restaurant offers for National Day 91

Restaurants compete in very smart ways on the National Day, as many restaurants in the Kingdom have made a meal under the name of the National Day meal for a value of 91 Saudi riyals.

  • Bread Talk offer 50% off all products on September 23rd.
  • Herfy offers where all meals are provided at a cost of 4 SAR, you can also get a burger at a price of 2 SAR only with free home delivery for users of the Herfy app.
  • Amo Hamza Restaurant offers the best in your gathering, as it offers a meal for 91 Saudi riyals consisting of 3 types of rice, shrimp, fish and salmon, enough for 3 people. The offers started from September 15 and will continue until September 25.
  • Pizza Inn Saudi Arabia National Day offers are also special, as we can get one medium and one large pizza for only 75 Saudi riyals.
  • Fortuins offers to buy any drink except energy drinks and you will get the other for the price of one Saudi riyal.
  • Mahboub Shawarma National Day offers is the second order on any order for free in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Abha.
  • Mac National Day offers are a little Tasty meal with Oreo waffle for 15 SAR, see also the National Day offers from 91 restaurants.

91st National Day Offers for Abayas

We find special offers on women’s abayas and discounts of up to 50% with free pieces in each of the following stores:

  • Namshi store.
  • Lina’s house
  • jewel.
  • Violetta.
  • City Max.
  • Modanicia.

Offers for the 91st National Perfume Day

The best international and Arab perfume companies have already made festive discounts, and among the best national day offers are Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, Dokhoon, Elite Oud Perfumes, and Al Majed Perfumes, where you can find the following:

  • The Oud Company offers a special collection at a price of 91 Saudi riyals only instead of its original price, and it includes Elite Gold, Pure Black Gold, Soft Half Tola Musk, Queen Qatar Incense, Durrat Al Musk, Blue Wood, Golden Dew, Miss Desert.
  • Al Majed Perfumes for Oud offers for the National Day on the most luxurious products with a 30% discount.
  • Ibrahim Al Qurashi offers include that any perfume will be sold for only 91 Saudi riyals under the slogan She is ours home.

91st National Car Day Offers

The best National Day offers are discounts and also installments, as the following offers have been announced:

  • Abdul Latif Jameel Finance National Day offers are installments without down payments on all modern car models, terms and conditions apply.
  • Toyota offers from Saudi Hala Automotive Company continue until September 30 with 50% discounts on administrative fees and free maintenance up to 10,000 km.
  • Ford National Day 91 offers: Offers last until the end of the month, and upon purchase, you will get a 5-year 100,000 km warranty, without a profit margin or down payment on the 2022 Ranger model.
    • Also, the Ford Expedition comes with an installment price of 2199 SAR, no down payment, a 3-year maintenance guarantee, and a 5-year guarantee as well.

National Day 91 offers for watches

National Day 91 offers for watches

Al Corner Watches Offers is a 50% discount on the entire collection on the website.

  • Al-Fahd offers for watches are prices starting from 91 Saudi riyals and a 60% discount on the best products.
  • Daniel Hechter offers and also Geneva watches are discounts of more than 200 Saudi riyals on one piece.
  • Zyros discounts at prices starting from 91 Saudi riyals with free ordering and delivery.

91 National Day Offers Fitness Time

Every year, Fitness Time offers very luxurious offers, and this year the following offers:

  • Offer “You are hers and the time does not bother her.” We get a 100% free subscription after subscribing to it.
  • Weekly competition worth a free 3-month subscription in Fitness Time throughout September for all participants.

Mobile offers on National Day 91

With the many special offers on the National Day, we offer you the link of the offers and you have to browse them yourself through the store of your choice, where you can visit the Extra offers for mobiles from here.

Twitter National Day Offers

We care about the offers on Twitter too so you can refer to all the offers on Twitter from here You will go directly to the Saudi National Day offers on Twitter from all international brands.

All National Day Offers Instagram

You can browse the National Day offers on Instagram by visiting the link from here and you will go directly under the National Day banner. Feel free to take advantage of discounts and offers. As for the National Day platform, you can visit it via the link from here, so we got to know all the 91st National Day offers and the best ones as well.

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