Youth of Al-Ahly and Sharjah.. Healing wounds

Youth of Al-Ahly and Sharjah.. Healing wounds
Youth of Al-Ahly and Sharjah.. Healing wounds

Shabab Al-Ahly receives its guest Sharjah, at nine in the evening, in a football evening at Rashid Stadium in Dubai, at the end of the fourth round of the ADNOC Professional League, during which both teams are looking for healing the wounds, after Al-Ahly youth stumbled in a tie with Al-Uruba in the last round of the league. Sharjah was eliminated by Al Wahda from the round of 16 of the AFC Champions League.

The historical confrontations of the two teams are usually filled with club and excitement, and with it it is difficult to predict the outcome of their matches, and the two teams have previously met in 22 matches, Al-Ahly youth won 12 of them, compared to 4 victories for Sharjah, and a draw in 6 matches, but this does not mean the superiority of the owner of the land, Because in the last 7 matches in the league, Sharjah won 3 matches, compared to one victory for Al-Ahly youth.

joy and sadness

The task of recovery will not be easy for both teams tonight, as Shabab Al-Ahly has 7 points, and aims to compete strongly for the title, after winning the first two rounds of the ADNOC Professional League against the Emirates and Ajman teams with a score of 1-0, before coming out with a frustrating 1-1 draw against Al-Orouba is a rookie this season in the professional league for the first time.

As for Sharjah, it achieved the full score so far, i.e. 9 points, after it started the season, perfectly, and won the first 3 matches against Ittihad Kalba and Al Dhafra with one score, 1-0, then overturned its delay with two clean goals against Al Wasl until the 69th minute in the last round, To an exciting 3-2 victory, despite playing most of the match with ten players, but the happiness of Sharjah was not completed, and turned into sadness, after he bid farewell to the Asian Championship, after a marathon match that he lost against Al Wahda on penalties from the penalty point, and bid farewell to the continental championship.

Shabab Al-Ahly misses its brilliant goalkeeper, Majed Nasser, who is absent from tonight’s match, to stop one match by a decision of the Disciplinary Committee, because of his statements after the Al-Uruba meeting, while the guests are counting on their brilliant scorer in the recent period, Ben Malango, with it not clear to see the participation of a number of other players. , due to injury and exhaustion, led by Shaheen Abdul Rahman and Khaled Al Dhanhani.

Bump tie

Mahdi Ali, coach of Al-Ahly youth, stressed the strength and difficulty of facing Sharjah, and said: “The match will be strong, because the competitor achieved the full mark from its past three matches, and is led by the national coach Abdulaziz Al-Anbari, whose achievements testify to him, after he presented levels and achieved achievements with Sharjah, I am not the one who evaluates him, he is a great efficiency, and he does not need any recommendation from anyone.”

He added: “Our matches with Sharjah are always strong and enthusiastic, and the difficulty of the match lies in the fact that we tied in the last round of the league, and Sharjah lost and bid farewell to the AFC Champions League a few days ago, and seeks to compensate in front of us, maintain the lead, and in general everyone appreciates the importance of the match, and in the forefront are the players. Those who say their word on the field, and the technical staff, their role is to prepare and prepare them for the match.”

He continued, “The league is still in its infancy, and we must avoid losing and achieve positive results, especially at our stadium, in an effort to continue to be among the top teams. And our match tonight, because there are many things that have changed during this time in both teams, most notably the changes in the squad of players.”

Mahdi Ali confirmed that the absence of goalkeeper Majid Nasser will affect the Al-Ahly youth, and I consider that his suspension is a lesson for all players, while he explained that the team’s new professionals, Nour Allah and Mahdi Qaidi, need more time to adapt to the team, and said: “It is difficult to judge players They joined a short time before the start of the season, and they did not train with us for long periods, because of their association with their team, and we hope that they will be a strong addition to the team in the future, and our absences are the same, and Majed is the captain of the team, and he spoke in good faith, and did not mean to offend anyone, and he interpreted his words differently, and he must Our focus is on the field, not talking about the match after the end of it.”

Mahdi Ali concluded, saying: “Last year, the schedule of matches and conditions were similar to the current season, but the weather was different, because I took charge during December of last season, but I see that 4 days now is a sufficient period for the recovery and preparation of the players.”

Ahmed Jamil, Shabab Al-Ahly player, said: “Our match and Sharjah are important to us, because we will face a big and strong team, and we will make every effort to achieve a positive result that will help us in our upcoming matches, and we always strive to delight our fans with strong performance and victories.”


The Sharjah team prepared for the match to face its host Shabab Al-Ahly with 3 daily exercises, which were held since the day after the end of its Asian career after the loss by penalty shootout from Al-Wahda. The doctor rested after a minor injury he sustained in the Al-Wahda match, and tests proved his safety and his need for rest.

Sharjah coach Abdulaziz Al-Anbari considered his team’s achievement of 9 points in the first 3 matches of the league, a strong motivation to continue with the positive results, stressing his team’s readiness for the match despite the lack of time after the Al-Wahda match.

Al-Anbari spoke about his opponent, saying: “Al-Ahly youth starts the league gradually and develops its level from one match to another, and the completion of the contract of foreign players in the team undoubtedly gives them a great boost. ».


On the readiness of his players, especially the duo Khaled Al-Dhanhani and Shaheen Abdel Rahman, he said: “The picture will become clear regarding the readiness of all players, on the morning of the match day. .

to thank

Sharjah midfielder Majid Rashid thanked his colleagues for his help in adapting quickly and appearing well, and said: “I thank the technical and administrative staff and my fellow players for the good reception, with which I did not feel that I was a recent transfer to the team, which was reflected in the speed of adaptation and my appearance well.”

Regarding the preparations for the match, he said: “We are preparing well, despite the limited time between the Al-Wahda and Shabab Al-Ahly matches, but the technical and medical staff are helping the players recover, and we all strive to appear well and get points.”

At the end of his speech, Majed Rashid thanked the Sharjah fans for the support the players found despite the negative result in front of Al Wahda. .

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