“Oh, I feel sorry for you, my human.”

“Oh, I feel sorry for you, my human.”
“Oh, I feel sorry for you, my human.”

Representative Hagop Terzian tweeted, via his Twitter account, saying: “In the war, the only one who paid a high price was the honorable citizen. Today, too, the homeland is blaming the nation on the honorable citizen and the arrogant after him with war and peace. I feel sorry for you, oh human, Sharif. A year ago, we raised our voice to the 5000 lira on the gas can, and today they are not merciful to you with a fuel schedule that burns your soul.”

He added: “There is no public transportation, no health, no insurance, no old-age insurance, and a destroyed private sector… so that the honorable citizen may remain humiliated under the leader’s doorsteps.

Only the sheriff who told us about biting, not only for his wounds, he started biting his bones.

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