Jordan: A new victim of violence against women dies after being burned by her husband

Jordan: A new victim of violence against women dies after being burned by her husband
Jordan: A new victim of violence against women dies after being burned by her husband

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A Jordanian woman was burned to death by her husband

Anger and sadness filled the arenas of social networking sites in Jordan once again, after a 28-year-old Jordanian woman was killed by her husband and in front of her three children in the capital, Amman.

Jordanian media revealed that the perpetrator had poured fuel on his wife’s body last week after a dispute between them. The victim died a week after her stay in the hospital.

And the account of the feminist movement in Jordan on Instagram published the details of the crime, blaming the patriarchal society and wondering how long we will continue to offer condolences for women?

Sarah Al-Atoum blamed the parents who did not listen to their women’s complaints and advise them to be patient, for fear of the stigma of divorce.

While Serene suggested what she called a “mental health examination” for those who are about to marry.

Several bloggers and social media activists republished the last message the victim had posted before her death.

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Victim’s Facebook account

While many pointed to the recurrence of crimes of violence against women and the killing of women in Jordan, and the need to reach a solution to the crisis.

On July 18, 2020, a man killed his 40-year-old daughter, in a horrific crime that shook the Jordanian street, as a video clip containing the screams of a girl spread, which many social media users said belonged to the victim before she was killed.

The Solidarity Association, which monitors the media in Jordan, stated that 17 murders of women occurred during 2020.

While the Independent newspaper reported on June 18 this year that the number of women killed had reached 9 after the murder of Rania Al-Abadi, a student at the Salt College for Human Sciences, at the hands of her father because of her low grades.

Similar incidents in other Arab countries

In the recent period, many Arab countries witnessed similar crimes, in which women were killed.

In Saudi Arabia, on August 7, a man ran over his wife to death and fled, but the police soon arrested him.

In Iraq, on August 28, a 20-year-old woman was murdered by her brother due to what he called “family problems”.

In Kuwait, on 2 September, a man killed his sister with a knife after holding her for two months.


Once again, the Stop Killing Women is back on top of Arab social networking lists.

While some of them criticized the only blogging and the use of decorations, suggesting some solutions to the crisis, including urgent retribution and the abolition of the waiver of the special right in cases of domestic violence.


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