News 24 | A competition whose prizes are to obtain riyal sacrifices, provided that a photo of the national identity is used… and the Civil Affairs stops it

The Agency of the Ministry of Interior for Civil Status instructed to stop a competition for an electronic application to request local meat and slaughter, after the application took advantage of the occasion of the Saudi National Day to promote its products, and asked participants to use national identity cards.

The application had published an advertisement that included a competition in which the winner would receive a sacrifice for himself and an additional sacrifice for his friend, Baryal, provided that the participant “signs” the last two digits of the national identity with his friend on the official account of the application.

And in interaction with the directive of the Civil Status, the application decided to change the conditions of the competition, and explained that the draw will be made only on 3 winners who participated in the competition, and the competition will be replaced and the prizes doubled, to be 6 additional sacrifices, provided that the participant responds to the tweet with a phrase or image expressing his love for the homeland , instead of using ID photos to participate and win.

The Customer Care Center in Civil Status had commented on the aforementioned advertisement, directing it to be deleted and not to use the civil registry number or images of national identity cards in advertisements.

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