Richards: Salah is the best in the world.. Is he not appreciated because he plays?

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Friday 17 September 2021

Books – Hadi Al-Madani:

Micah Richard, the former Manchester City player, and his former colleague Mohamed Salah in Fiorentina, stated that the Egyptian winger is the best in his position in the world, and he was surprised that he was not appreciated enough, despite his level of performance.

In his article, Micah Richards spoke in the English newspaper “Daily Mail” about his time with Mohamed Salah, saying: “I do not compare with Messi, but he (Salah) was doing things similar to what Messi does.”

“Football is full of stories of players who are good at training but they don’t do it on match day but Mo – from the evidence I had – was not.”

He added, “The match that confirmed this to me was in the Italian Cup, against Juventus in Turin, and Juventus had not lost at home for 47 games.. On that particular night, although Salah tore them apart, I cannot forget his first goal.”

“I remember him when he caught the ball in our half and with all that skill, speed and strength he had was using his ability to turn the opponent, he ran 70 yards and hit three players and then fired an unstoppable shot.”

He continued: “We won 2-1 – Mo scored the second goal as well – and from that moment his life in Florence changed. He was a hero, with fans waiting in the square outside his apartment every day.”

He continued, “However, for some reason, I still do not know why he did not get the recognition he deserves. Is it because he plays internationally with the Egyptian national team, so we don’t watch all their matches on TV? Is it because he rarely gives interviews and stays away from the headlines? .. No I can see this more clearly: Mo is the best striker in the world.”


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