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Al-Marsad newspaper: The executive director of the women’s oasis team, Hammam Al-Awami, revealed the details of the formation of the first women’s football team in Qatif, and its training is supervised by a Saudi coach.

Al-Awami said during her appearance on the MBC Week program: “The idea started by opening a link on Instagram, and about 150 players were presented, after which the team became accredited by the Sports for All Federation.”

She added that the most difficult thing facing the team is the lack of stadiums for women, especially since clubs that have training grounds do not accept the idea of ​​having girls easily.

For his part, coach Ahmed Al-Basara said that the team includes 30 players, including a professional from the Al-Ahsa region, in addition to calling a player to participate in the national team camp in Riyadh.

The Oasis coach stressed the team’s readiness to participate in the Saudi League Championship, which is scheduled to start next October.

The Oasis team includes 30 amateur players at the moment, and joins 4 other women’s teams in Qatif, after it was officially registered in January 2021.

Saudi Arabia is scheduled to play its first international match for its women’s team in March 2022.


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