Saudi cabinet approves job discipline system

Saudi cabinet approves job discipline system
Saudi cabinet approves job discipline system

Today, Friday, the Saudi Council of Ministers approved the job discipline system, which will enter into force 180 days after its publication in the Official Gazette.

The system defines a disciplinary offense as any act or omission issued by the employee that includes a breach of duties or the commission of the occupational prohibitions stipulated in the law, or that constitutes an insult to the honor and dignity of the employee.

The system stated in its second article that it aims to protect the public office, ensure the regular functioning of the public facility, and the employee’s good performance of his work, while the third article stipulates that the system applies to all employees except for those who work according to regulations in which any administrative penalty contained in the system is regulated by special rules. They are dealt with according to those rules, and within the limits of the provisions they contain.

According to the fourth article, “It is not permissible to impose any penalty on the employee except after investigation with him, confronting him with the violation attributed to him, hearing his statements, investigating his defense, and proving this in writing in a report.

Article 5 stipulates that “every employee who is proven to have committed a financial, administrative or behavioral violation, which is a breach of one of his job duties, the penalty stipulated in the system shall be applied to him, without prejudice to the right to file a public right lawsuit or a private right lawsuit.”

Article VI adds that “when choosing the penalty, it is taken into account that it is proportional to the degree of the violation, taking into account precedents, mitigating and aggravating circumstances, provided that no more than one penalty is imposed for the same violation, or violations related to each other, and the application of the provisions contained in these provisions does not preclude. Article without the authority of the Minister – for any reason he deems appropriate – to refer any employee to the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority.

Source: “Okaz”

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