Mikati: Iranian fuel shipments are a violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty

Mikati: Iranian fuel shipments are a violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty

Friday – 10 Safar 1443 AH – 17 September 2021 AD

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati (DPA)

Beirut: «Middle East Online»

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said that Iranian fuel shipments introduced by Hezbollah into the country are a “violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty,” according to statements published by his office on Twitter.
Mikati’s office said the prime minister made the comments in an interview with CNN. He added, “I am saddened by the violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty, but I have no fear of sanctions because the operation (the introduction of fuel) took place in isolation from the Lebanese government.”
Regarding Hezbollah’s participation in the government, he said: “I am a practical man and the government is inclusive of most of the Lebanese spectrum, and we cannot carry out any reforms and negotiate with the International Monetary Fund without everyone’s approval and support. Hezbollah represents a segment of the Lebanese in Parliament.”
Mikati stressed that “the government’s main task is to stop the collapse and put the country on the road to recovery, in preparation for moving on to addressing the economic, financial and life issues.”


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Mikati Iranian fuel shipments violation Lebanons sovereignty

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