We did not limit ourselves to the players of Zamalek, and we will support the team with three deals

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Hussein Labib, head of the committee in charge of running the Zamalek club, confirmed that the first football team will be supported in the White Castle with special deals, during the current summer transfer period.

Hussein Labib said in televised statements: “The football team will be supported by two or three super deals during the summer Mercato,” adding: “There is no specific time when we will announce the new deals.”

Zamalek has supported its ranks so far during the summer Mercato by signing Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, the Egyptian club’s wing, and Mahmoud Shabana, Aswan defender.

He pointed out: “The current committee did not fail in the right of the technical staff and the players, we received the club and the players did not receive, within 8 months, only 20% of their financial dues, after 4 months of taking charge, we paid 80% of the dues,” adding: “We monitored special bonuses for players in The last matches of the league, in order to motivate them to win, and they were getting it on time.”

Egyptian today

The source of the original news website: Eyes


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