iPhone 13 release date in Saudi Arabia

iPhone 13 release date in Saudi Arabia
iPhone 13 release date in Saudi Arabia

The date of the iPhone 13 launch in Saudi Arabia, citizens are awaiting the arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the expected specifications and prices for the iPhone 13 and iPhone Pro Max category in the market, days ago, Apple announced the release of a new category of the most famous series in the world, where Saudi citizens are the most interested people With modern technology, especially provided by the iPhone manufacturer, the company launched the new Apple phones and announced the price and date of its arrival in the market. The phone can also be obtained before the date of the iPhone’s arrival by booking the phone from Jarir, Saudi Arabia.

iPhone 13 specifications and price

The iPhone series comes in a number of different versions, in order to provide the phone to each class of society according to the way the phone is used. The company issued the following:

First, the normal iPhone 13. Second, the iPhone 13 mini. Third, the iPhone 13 Pro. Fourth, iPhone 13 pro max.

Each of these tours comes with features that differ from each other, in order to be presented at the time of the launch of the Apple iPhone in the Kingdom, and to meet the requirements of all categories.

iPhone 13 release date in Saudi Arabia

Everyone is wondering when the new iPhone will come out in Saudi Arabia, the specifications and prices for each category of Apple smartphones. The company has announced when the iPhone 13 Pro will come out in the Saudi market, where the launch date and the iPhone has been set, as well as the Gulf, the date of the regular iPhone 13 and iPhone Pro and The Pro Max. The iPhone 13 iPhone will be released in Saudi Arabia starting from the 24th of September. This date is the date of the arrival of the phones in the Apple Store, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When is the pre-order for the new iPhone?

Many people want to get the iPhone 13 as a pre-order before the new iPhone 13 will be released in the stores, as Jarir Bookstore provided the ability to book an appointment for the arrival of the iPhone in Saudi Arabia. iPhone phones are considered one of the most famous phones in the whole world, as these phones are famous for their speed and screen quality, Therefore, it competes with Samsung in the global markets in the field of technology.

iPhone 13 specifications in Saudi Arabia and prices

Among the specifications of the iPhone that were challenged at the Apple conference will be according to the quality of the phone that you will buy, as there are a number of phones that have been announced as a date for landing in the markets, and that each phone will differ in specifications and prices from others.

iPhone 13 regular specifications

The screen of the phone is 6.1 inches. The new A15 processor type is 20% more powerful than the previous generation. The battery capacity of the phone is 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12 phones. The quad rear camera: the first with 12 mega pixel camera. The second also has a 12-megapixel resolution. The third comes with 63 mega pixels. The last is a telephoto camera. The phone supports the capacity of a single chip, either a nano sim type or an eSIM type, as announced when the iPhone was released. The phone is excellently waterproof, as it can reach a water depth of 6 meters. The new iPhone 13 can stay under water for half an hour. The phone is scratch and dust resistant. As for the screen, this is the surprise of the iPhone launch date, as the screen comes at a rate of 60 Hz for the regular iPhone, but a new update of 120 Hz in the iPhone 13 Pro. The screen is LTPO type.

These are all the details of the regular iPhone13 and the expected iPhone 13 launch date in Saudi Arabia after the announcement from the American company Apple on September 24 in the Apple Store Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

And you can get the phone by booking from the Saudi Jarir Bookstore before the new iPhone is released in the markets of Saudi Arabia.

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